Super Punctual Moms Share Secrets to Getting Out the Door on Time

Liz Alterman | Dec 15, 2014 Home & Garden

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Have you ever seen that mom -- the one who walks her kids to school? They all look happy. Her hair and outfit are perfect and it's not even 8 a.m. Meanwhile, your child's lunchbox never made it into his backpack, the bills you wanted to mail are sitting on your counter, and your wallet is resting comfortably in the handbag you used over the weekend. 

We've all had those mornings. But starting off the day stressed can have a domino effect, and you may feel like you can't catch up after things get off to a rocky start. When you find yourself in one of these downward spirals, don't you wonder, What do other moms do to get out of the house on time? barring getting up at 4 a.m., of course!

We've rounded up some of the top tips moms shared for getting out of the house on time.

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  • Bribe Yourself


    Let's face it: Plenty of moms resort to bribery or blackmail when it comes to getting the kids to cooperate, so why not try that same strategy on yourself.

    If you can get out of the house with time to spare, you can grab a coffee or chat with a mom at drop-off or a colleague at the office. Perhaps that's all the incentive you need.

    It works for CafeMom contributor Disneymom2two, who says, "What gets me out of the house on time each day is the knowledge that if I don't leave on time, I can't stop for my huge iced tea that I need for my caffeine fix."

  • Put a Clock in the Bathroom


    Ever hop out of what felt like a 30-second shower and feel shocked when you realize how late is? Consider putting a clock in your bathroom so you know exactly what time it is. 

    This bright idea was shared by Bleg9093, who says, "I have a large clock in the bathroom. And all the clocks in the house are set 3 minutes fast. This is to negate the effect of the time/space anomaly that apparently lies somewhere in the 10 feet between my front door and my car door and makes a 6-second walk take 3 minutes."

  • Keep Keys in Same Spot, Near the Door


    Many moms say they waste precious minutes daily just trying to track down their car keys. Having a special spot near the front door -- and always sticking those elusive keys on it -- can save time and frustration.

  • Just Say 'No' to Your Snooze Button


    This is a hard one to resist, especially on a cold morning, but moms agreed that getting up the moment the alarm goes off and not hitting the snooze button, no matter how tempting, gave them an edge! 

  • No TV -- For Anyone


    Kids aren't the only ones who can lose their focus once the television is on. CafeMom contributor Andi_Pandi says, "I don't touch my phone or turn on the TV lol. I'm easily distracted."

  • Prep EVERYTHING the Night Before


    Have you ever agreed to let your child wear a ratty old shirt or jeans with holes in the knees because you were pressed for time and couldn't track down anything clean at that split second? We've all been there. 

    CafeMom contributor blue.butterfly combats that problem by getting a head start the night before. "I do all the prep work at night -- bathing, clothes out, homework and library books in backpack, lunch packed and in the fridge. 

    "There's no chaos in the morning which really helps me get out the door on time."

  • Don't Get Caught Up in Texting or Email


    Unless you're expecting an urgent message about your carpool or one of the kids' school activities, don't go down that rabbit hole contained in your smartphone. Some moms agree that waiting until their kids are out the door before checking email prevented them from losing their focus and getting derailed on their way out the door. 

  • Lie


    CafeMom contributor Mrs. Country Mama arrives on time with the help of a little white lie. This clever mom says she tells her kids and her husband they should be to their destination 30 minutes earlier than they really need to arrive. Genius!

  • Get Up Before Everyone Else


    Make like a rooster and be the first one awake! Moms who do this agree that having an hour -- or even less -- to themselves allows them to wake up calmly and get things done without interruption. Sounds good to me!

  • Meet Your New Best Friend: Dry Shampoo


    Plenty of moms already shower at night to beat the morning bathroom rush, but you still run the risk of waking up with serious bedhead. Combat that wild look with the help of dry shampoo. What's that, you ask? It freshens up your 'do without water, saving you time and effort, while offering you the look you'll love.

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