Super Punctual Moms Share Secrets to Getting Out the Door on Time

woman leaving house

Have you ever seen that mom -- the one who walks her kids to school? They all look happy. Her hair and outfit are perfect and it's not even 8 a.m. Meanwhile, your child's lunchbox never made it into his backpack, the bills you wanted to mail are sitting on your counter, and your wallet is resting comfortably in the handbag you used over the weekend. 


We've all had those mornings. But starting off the day stressed can have a domino effect, and you may feel like you can't catch up after things get off to a rocky start. When you find yourself in one of these downward spirals, don't you wonder, What do other moms do to get out of the house on time? barring getting up at 4 a.m., of course!

We've rounded up some of the top tips moms shared for getting out of the house on time.

Image © Pascal Broze/Onoky/Corbis

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