10 Easy Ways to Green Up at the Most Wasteful Time of Year (PHOTOS)

christmas waste

It's that season again ... time for the holiday trash to arrive! No, we're not talking about your second cousin twice removed on your father's side (though everybody seems to have one of those in the family, right?).

We're speaking literally here, and the stats are sobering. According to a release from Vanderbilt University, the average American household generates 25 percent more garbage during the holiday season (from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve).


In general, the holidays tend to leave a massive coal-filled stocking (i.e., carbon footprint) with holiday travel, illuminated decorations, wasted food, and excessive waste in general. But if every American family wrapped just three presents in reused materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.

Time to step up with these tips from the sustainability experts at Vanderbilt University and make sure your holidays are not only red, but very, very GREEN.

How are you doing your part for the Earth this holiday?


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