10 Cool Gadgety Stocking Stuffers for the Man Who Has Everything (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Dec 6, 2014 Home & Garden

man opening gift

Husbands and dads are so incredibly tough to buy for -- why is that? Because when they want or need something, they usually buy it themselves, that's why. But that's no excuse to deprive your man of some stocking-opening fun with the rest of the fam. So this year, we've got you covered ...

Frustrated by this quest year after year, we sent our little Internet elves in search of some truly unique and fun little trinkets he'll not only find useful, but that he would probably never buy for himself. Or at least ... you tell us ....

Check out these 10 cool gifts for guys and then tell us: What are you sticking in your man's stocking this year? 

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