10 Dirty Places in Your Home You Should Clean Right Now!

10 Dirty Places in Your Home You Should Clean Right Now!

Keeping your house clean can be a job in and of itself -- one that few of us can devote all of our energy to. So after wrangling your (many!) other daily duties, it isn't surprising that some things fall through the cleaning cracks. We did some digging and found the dirtiest things in the home most people pass over. So next time you are tidying up, you might want to give these spots a scrub down.

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Have you neglected to clean any of the items on our list? Where are you always surprised to find dirt?

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  • The Kitchen Sink


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    Your sink sees a lot of action, from dishwashing to dinner prep. With all that dirt and bacteria you're washing off of produce, residue from handling raw meat, plus leftover food particles, the sink becomes a total trap for dirt and grime. In fact, it's dirtier than your toilet -- gross! Debra Johnson, a cleaning trainer at the national cleaning service Merry Maids, suggests always rinsing the sink with warm water and dish detergent (especially the faucet and handles) before washing fruits, veggies, and meat, and after every meal.

  • Refrigerator Handles


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    Show of hands, how many of you open the fridge more than necessary? We thought so. Everyone touches those handles several times a day, though they are rarely (if ever!) washed. Make sure to disinfect them with a wipe or cleaning solution whenever you are wiping down your kitchen counters.

  • Inside the Washing Machine


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    Given that its very purpose is to clean other things, overlooking the washing machine isn't hard. However, all of that moisture can lead front-loading machines to smell. To freshen, Johnson suggests mixing ¼ cup of baking soda with ¼ cup of water in a small bowl. Pour the baking soda mixture into the detergent container of your machine. Then measure 2 cups of vinegar and pour it into the drum. Wash a normal load set to the hottest water setting. Use a clean sponge to wipe around the opening of the machine and fresh water to wipe out the inside when the cleaner load is complete.

  • Your TV Remote


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    Here's something you don't want to think about while you're marathoning movies: Your remote frequently gets dropped on the floor, stuffed between cushions, or lost under the couch. Maybe you even hold it while you're snacking. All of that accumulated dirt creeps inside of the little grooves around each button. Yuck! A simple fix is simply taking a disinfectant wipe to your remote every week.

  • Ceiling Fan


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    Do you ever turn off your fan? Many rarely do! "Even if they are off, most people don't look up," Johnson says. If your fan is not cleaned regularly, you are literally "throwing" dust into the air whenever they are turned on. Use a high dusting tool with a microfiber filter to remove that built-up dirt and breathe easy.

  • Baseboards


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    Few baseboards would pass the white glove test, as most of us simply wouldn't think (or want to think) of crouching and cleaning there. But dusty and unclean baseboards can be the cause of allergies. Worse still, they are right at the height of young children. To clean, wipe down baseboards with a damp rag, then dry with a microfiber cloth.

  • Your Keyboard


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    We hate to keep comparing things to toilets, but ... surprise, your keyboard is dirtier than a toilet! The culprit? Handwashing. Few of us wash our hands before sitting down at the computer, and to top it off, we eat at our desks and neglect to clean between the keys. Giving your keyboard a clean every month should be enough, just be sure to check for any product-specific cleaning instructions before you begin.

  • Behind the Toilet


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    Sometimes we don't clean what we can't see! One particularly forgettable area is the floor behind the toilet. Since it is hard to reach, few people kneel down to give it a good scrub. Johnson suggests cleaning it with a multi-surface solution and a microfiber cloth. But depending on how dirty you find the area, you may need to run a vacuum with a small attachment first.

  • Inside Your Trash Can


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    Yes, they're lined with trash bags, but bags can tear, leak, or spill. Stop unpleasant odors and insect infestations before they start by wiping the inside of your cans with cleaning solution or disinfectant wipes once in a while.

  • Toothbrush Holder


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    You swap out your toothbrush often, but if you're not cleaning where it rests, you're fighting a losing battle. Just one peek inside a toothbrush holder's holes reveals all sort of grimey gunk you definitely wouldn't want in your mouth! Another reason to wash that holder: It's often placed near the toilet, where flushing sends a fine spray of mist that contaminates it. You can throw a toothbrush holder into a dishwasher (try the top rack) or wash it with plain dish soap and water.


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