14 Most Annoying Habits of Houseguests (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Dec 4, 2014 Home & Garden
14 Most Annoying Habits of Houseguests (PHOTOS)

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You know the famous Ben Franklin quote, "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days"? Well, sometimes it doesn't even take three days! Houseguests -- whether they're friends or family -- can outwear their welcome in a day or even an afternoon depending on their behavior, especially if it sets a bad example for your kids. (See exhibit A: The man pictured above with his feet on the table!)

From spending all day parked in front of the television to leaving a heap of wet towels on the floor of the bathroom, you may spend your visit biting your tongue (when you're not too busy visualizing them leaving!).

We've put together a roundup of 14 habits of house guests that are not only irritating, but also a bad influence on your husband, children, and maybe even your pets. Check out our slideshow and then tell us: What annoying habits do you wish your guests would leave at home before spending time at your house?  


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  • They Leave the Door Open


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    It might be 20 degrees outside but that still doesn't inspire your guest to close the front door. Never mind that your child or pets could just wander off! This one drives us crazy!

  • Eating Cake for Breakfast


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    I love my sister-in-law, and whenever she comes to visit, I try to make her favorite cake for dessert. What I always forget is that she doesn't just see it as an after-meal treat, she considers it a tasty breakfast as well.

    Many times she'll stand in front of the fridge eating a hunk of devil's food cake smothered in buttercream frosting while my children simultaneously squeal with delight and beg for slices of their own. 

  • Throwing Temper Tantrums When They Can't Figure Out the Remotes


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    Doesn't it seem like everyone's television, and subsequently the remote controls, work differently? Still, just because you can't get to your show with the very first flip of a button, that's no reason to throw a temper tantrum, Uncle Al. 

  • Disciplining Your Kids


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    Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of walking in on your in-laws or even your own parents harshly disciplining your kids? It can induce some pretty unpleasant flashbacks. What's worse is that moments later, you may find your little one barking at his or her younger siblings or the unsuspecting family pet using the same strident tones. 

  • Leaving Lights on in Every Room


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    They may have left the room, but that doesn't mean they'll turn off the lights! 

  • Likes the TV on Constantly


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    Ever have that guest who leaves the television on all day (and night!) for a little background noise? While you've been busy doing other things, you didn't realize your child has just been watching a Real Housewives marathon and will be bringing some very colorful language back to preschool. 

  • They Don't Put Food Away


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    Does your guest treat your kitchen like a Vegas-style 24-hour buffet, leaving food out and not sealed, causing it go stale long before they've left town? (If they then have the nerve to tell you that item is no longer fresh, you have our permission to send them packing!) 

  • The Smoker


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    Whether it's Granddad, an aunt, or your brother's new girlfriend, smoking is a habit most parents definitely prefer children not be exposed to.

  • Never Puts Cups or Dishes in the Sink


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    So close yet so far! It doesn't take that much effort to just put the cups and plates in the sink! We're not asking you to wash them!

  • Leaves Appliances On


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    Whether it's the iron or the coffee pot, some guests just refuse to turn off appliances -- even when they're finished using them! Not only is this wasting electricity and running up your bill, it can be dangerous when it comes to kids touching hot surfaces. 

  • Leaves Dirty Plates on the Table


    Image © Tom Maday/LuckyPix/Corbis

    Not bringing in your plate is a huge pet peeve, and all it takes is one person to give the kids reason to say, "But Uncle Chris didn't bring his plate in!"

  • Wet Towels Everywhere


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    We can handle the long showers that use up most of our hot water, but the big pile of wet towels on the bathroom floor? No, we just can't abide that -- especially with the hamper so close by!

  • Drinking From the Carton


    Image © Roy Botterell/Corbis

    Ugh. This one is so hard to watch. We're glad you feel so comfortable that you really "make yourself at home" but still -- this is gross, even if you intend to finish the milk, OJ, or whatever!

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