12 Really Awkward Holiday Cards No One Wants to Open (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Dec 3, 2014 Home & Garden
12 Really Awkward Holiday Cards No One Wants to Open (PHOTOS)

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You thought you had trouble getting your family to pose for the perfect holiday picture? Well, boy, you haven't seen anything yet. For example, it looks like someone's having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit in the photo above! Let's just hope Santa doesn't see this or a certain little lady is going to end up on the "naughty" list

If you think your seasonal greeting this year isn't your best, prepare to feel a whole lot merrier!

We've found 12 of the most awkward holiday cards ever. Check out our slideshow and then tell us: Have you ever sent a wacky holiday photo? 

Image via AwkwardFamilyPhotos

  • A Unique Take on Baby's First Christmas


    Image via Cheezburger.com

    Everyone knows baby's first year can be a tough one, but this really takes it to a new level!

  • Appropriate Clothing Optional


    Image via Cheezburger.com

    The right outfit is so important. Though this guy seems downright naughty, Santa doesn't even appear to notice! 

  • The Old Switcheroo


    Image via Cheezburger.com

    This is clever and terrifying at the same time! Sure, sometimes the hectic pace of the holiday season makes you wish you could trade places with your pooch, but this is just too much!

  • Baby Gangsta


    Image via Cheezburger.com

    We're sure this boy will get a laugh out of this card when he's older, but in the meantime, we can't help but wonder what Grandma thinks! How about that teardrop tattoo?

  • For the Player in Your Family...


    Image via Cheezburger.com

    In case your significant other might not be in the picture, literally, by the time Christmas rolls around, best to leave it blank!

  • Hmm, Someone's Less Than Joyful


    Image via Cheezburger.com

    Mom and Dad look great, but this kid is definitely not a fan of the photo shoot. 

  • Sharing #QualityTime


    Image via micseaton/Instagram

    While very creative, this card is so sad because of how accurate it seems. But, hey, maybe they're texting each other, right? 

  • Fitting Everyone in Poses a Challenge


    This family treats posing for the annual Christmas card like a game of musical chairs. I like their style, but poor Nana! That can't be comfortable!

  • Whoops!


    Yikes, looks like someone would've benefited from a potty break before the photo shoot! 

  • Recreating a Moment


    Don't you love when families recreate childhood photos? That baby brother sure grew up! 

  • Wait, Where Did Part of Dad's Mustache Go?


    While it seems part of this man's mustache has washed away, one thing that's firmly intact is this family's holiday spirit! 

  • Wait, Is That a Goat??


    Image via @HotTaMahlee/Twitter

    The woman in the photo above is holding a goat, which is odd in itself, but you almost miss it because of those, um, wildly festive sweatshirts.

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