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12 Creative Ways to Wrap Your Holiday Gifts (PHOTOS)

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Want an easy way to show your loved ones how much you care this season? Even if you're not a big crafter, giving your gift wrapping a little personal treatment is a simple way to make your holiday presents extra special.

What's the best creative giftwrap idea you've ever seen?


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1Burlap, Lace & Bells

Who knew burlap could look this pretty? An old-fashioned lace ribbon over a brush burlap strip gives your gift some country-style charm. Tie it all up with red and white baker's string with some tiny bells.

Image via redcreates/Instagram

2Dictionary Pages, Feathers & Vintage Baubles

Now that dictionaries have gone online, you can use your heavy, outdated tome for giftwrap. I love this idea, with the sparkly ribbon, glam feathers, and vintage ring. You may even have some perfect items around your house for your own custom creations.

Image via mstarrevdesign/Instagram

3Winter Foliage & Brown Paper

I love how winter greenery (real or fake) looks on wrapped gifts. Be sure to keep it natural and use brown paper and string -- brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things!

Image via zheezel143/Instagram

4'I Love You' in String

What a sweet idea! All you need is glue and yarn to spell out a special message for your recipient. We recommend drawing out your message in pencil first. Measure out how much yarn you'll need and then give yourself a couple extra inches. Go over your design in glue (not too much), let dry just until it's tacky, and then slowly press your yarn into the glue. Snip off any extra yarn after the glue is fully dried, in a few hours.

Image via ivas_ova/Instagram

5Bunny Rabbit Pom Poms

This winter bunny is so clever -- it's just a simple cutout with some pom poms added. You could use this as inspiration for other winter creatures, like maybe a snowman.

Image via fictivefingers/Instagram

6Scarf Wrapping

This is a Japanese style of gift-wrapping called furoshiki -- you wrap your gift with a scarf, which makes a beautiful bonus gift. And no gift wrap to throw away, either. Place your gift at the center of the scarf, bring the corners in together, and tie together at the top.

Image via masakawraps/Instagram

7More Furoshiki

Just because we love this idea so much, we thought we'd show you a few more examples of scarf gift-wrapping.

Image via gabrielahh_/Instagram

8Snowman Presents

This idea is so freaking cute I can hardly stand it -- a present snowman! Just wrap three presents in white paper, stack them biggest to tallest, draw (or glue) on the "coal" buttons and face, and top with a hat and scarf. Your kids will love it.

Image via tania_marie_m/Instagram

9Hand-Painted Polka Dots

I've seen a lot of hand-stamped wrapping paper -- it was a common craft project when I was a kid. But I like this twist on the idea. It's just polka-dots, in two contrasting colors, painted directly on your wrapped gift.

Image via mitzella/Instagram

10Fun With Tape

Look what someone made with tape! Use a ruler for a guide to draw on your design in pencil. Then finish with decorative tape. So simple.

Image via hibrgreetings/Instagram

11Polar Bear & Panda

Daww, aren't these adorable? You use the fold lines of your white wrapping paper to guide your drawing of a polar bear or panda.

Image © Matthias Kulka/Corbis


I've done this a few times because I'm an obsessive freak: Monochromatic presents. I just love the way a pile of presents look in identical paper. And yes, that means I take wrapped presents sent by family and re-wrap them in my paper. (Told you I'm a freak.) For something a little more relaxed, color-coordinated (for example, white and red in different combinations of wrapping and ribbon) also looks fab.

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