22 Last-Minute Elf on the Shelf Poses for Forgetful Moms

Liz Alterman | Nov 21, 2018 Home & Garden
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  • Elf® Sends a Fax

    Elf on the shelf fax
    Liz Alterman

    In case things don't work out in Santa's workshop, it's good for the Elf® to have some office skills. 

  • We Know Elves Love to Bake!


    The Elf® understands how much baking the holidays require and is ready to pitch in. He's definitely going on the "Nice" list this year!

  • On the Keyboards ... an Elf®

    Elf piano
    Liz Alterman

    Perhaps your tiny musician will agree to practice without a fuss if the Elf® is watching!

  • Elf® Enjoying a Midnight Snack


    Don't blame the Elf® for getting hungry! Sitting around looking cute all day is hard work! 

  • An Elf® Who Wants to Make Dinner ... I'm in Love

    Elf cookbook
    Liz Alterman

    Oh, Elf®, roast a chicken dinner and I'll never say creating a new pose is a burden ever again!

  • Everything Else Is in My Purse, Why Not an Elf®?

    elf in purse
    Liz Alterman

    There are Cheerios, toy cars, a billion receipts, and a bunch of pens in my purse -- why not an Elf®? (Sure would be nice if he left some cash in the wallet!) 

  • Special Delivery -- There's an Elf® in Your Mailbox

    elf in mailbox
    Liz Alterman

    Parents who have a little helper who loves to get the mail will love this pose. It's a treat to find the Elf® hiding amid all those catalogs, isn't it? 

  • Elf® Chilling Out in the Freezer

    Elf in freezer
    Liz Alterman

    Let's face it: With all the time he spends at the North Pole, the Elf® is no stranger to a chilly climate. It's fun to reach for some ice cream and find him staring back at you. 

  • Where's the Elf®? He's Gone Fishin'


    Elves need a little rest and relaxation amid this hectic season. Fishing is a great way for your little guy to unwind. 

  • The Elf® Takes a Bath


    Who doesn't love a nice, soothing bubble bath around the holidays? Marshmallows make it an even sweeter experience. 

  • Elves Need Naps Too

    elf nap
    Liz Alterman

    Traveling back and forth to Santa can take its toll. An afternoon nap in a fluffy tissue box sounds good to any elf. 

  • The Elf® Sees Those Who Are Eating ...

    elf on the shelf
    Liz Alterman

    Have some finicky eaters? Perhaps they'll be more inclined to eat those peas with the Elf® watching! 

  • The Artist Elf® 


    This hilarious set-up works with bananas ... or any other fruit that is around the house.

  • The Elf® With a Snowman 


    If there's snow on the ground, pull together this quickie snowman setup, which is sure to get rave reviews.

  • Caution, It's an Elf® 


    Extra gift wrapping supplies can make for a funny, hurried Elf® "crime scene."

  • Elf® With a Sweet Message 


    All this scenario needs is some Reese's Pieces or M&Ms, and the Elf® can send them a sweet message.

  • "Campfire" Elf®


    This cute scene requires just mini marshmallows, a toothpick, and a lit candle. 

  • Elf® With a Note 


    Who wouldn't love a grateful Elf® holding a handwritten note? 

  • Yoga Elf®


    Maintaining daily meditative practice is very important -- even for your Elf®!

  • Legos Elf®


    Of course the Elf® loves playing with Legos -- and looks super-cute in this setup, too. 

  • Grocery-Shopping Elf® 


    If you're planning on picking up a bunch of sweets anyway, this grocery shopping scene is a multitasker. 

  • Elf® Kisses 


    All this smile-inducing pose needs is a gift tag, a jar, and some Hershey's Kisses. 

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