12 Last-Minute Elf on the Shelf Poses for Forgetful Moms


While I love our Elf on the Shelf® (confession: I'm only saying that because Santa is watching), finding him a new, clever place to sit can become another time-consuming task to add to a mom's ever-growing holiday to-do list. Isn't it bad enough that we have to buy the gifts, put up the tree, and make sure we get the perfect photo for the Christmas card? Not to mention ALL. THE. BAKING. Now we have to come up with the most magical spot for a doll?


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The thing is that if Mom forgets to move him after the kids are asleep, she may find herself racing around before they're out of bed to stick him in just the right spot. And let's face it: It doesn't help that he's not very easy to work with. (Ours, more flexible than a yoga instructor, refuses to sit up properly and his hat won't stay on! Bah humbug!) Still, it's Christmas and we MUST keep the magic alive. (If only for a few more years, right???) And our kids really do like waking up every morning to see what trouble the little guy has gotten himself into. 

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We know our readers have got plenty of other things to worry about this season, so we've found 12 fun spots to help place the Elf in the perfect pose in a jiffy. 


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