22 Last-Minute Elf on the Shelf Poses for Forgetful Moms

Liz Alterman | Nov 21, 2018 Home & Garden


Families who celebrate Christmas know that having an Elf on the Shelf® can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. It can also be completely stressful. After all, finding the Elf on the Shelf® a new, clever place to sit or pose or do something ridiculous to make kids laugh or sweet to make them smile night after night can quickly turn into another time-consuming task that lands on parents' ever-growing holiday chore list. Even if moms and dads start out excited to figure out new, funny, creative ways to set up the Elf on the Shelf®, the allure can fade with the hustle and bustle of the hectic season. 

After all, there are so many other seasonal to-dos that have to come first, right?

There's gift shopping to be done, tree trimming, making sure the perfect photo is taken for the ultimate holiday card, etc. Not to mention ALL. THE. BAKING. And now, on top of all of that, parents are expected to come up with the most magical spot for a doll!

The thing is that if Mom forgets to move him after the kids are asleep, she may find herself racing around before they're out of bed to stick him in just the right spot. And let's face it: It doesn't help that he's not very easy to work with.  

Still, it's Christmas, and parents feel that pressure to keep the magic alive. (If only for a few more years!) And kids really do like waking up every morning to see what trouble the little guy has gotten himself into. 

For that reason, it can be incredibly helpful to have "lazy" setups in mind. In other words, the kinds of Elf on the Shelf® poses that can be done in a pinch, sans too many props or using simple everyday household items. Here are 22 last-minute Elf on the Shelf® options for the truly tired parent. 

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