Germ-Proofing Your Kid-Filled House

little girl washing her hands in the sink

I know it’s an oxymoron when I say I’m a clean freak and a mother of three all in the same breath. The very definition of children is dirt, mess, and germs! Of course they’re all lovable dirt, mess, and germs, but they exist all the same.

My husband thinks I’m neurotic, but I say I’m just smart. I really can’t afford to get sick -- not when I have a part-time paid job and a full-time unpaid position to juggle. My kids are young so they are still bringing home all their schoolmates’ sick germs. And so I go on combat mode.


I want my house squeaky clean and germ-free. The way germs multiply makes it a Herculean task, but I do the best I can. Once I got myself into a regular routine, cleaning and disinfecting became second nature, just like hand washing. After all, anything gets done if you make it a priority.

Because I’m constantly cleaning, I’m constantly looking for shortcuts. I’ve found all kinds of ways to save time and energy, but the biggest coup I came upon was The Home Depot.

I bet you’re sitting there thinking something like, “Hmm. What does lumber have to do with a clean house?”

I didn’t make the connection until I went to the store for, you got it, some lumber. I won’t bore you with the story about the fight over the back deck we were fixing or why I was the one picking up the supplies. But the bottom line is it was the best fight we ever had because I made such a great discovery.

I’ve been in and out of The Home Depot tons of times, but this particular trip was a real eye-opener. First of all, I discovered an entire section, shelves and shelves, of cleaning products. I picked up a couple bottles of my go-to bathroom cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles, and a Swiffer that I had been wanting forever. I don’t know why I was so surprised -- I just never thought to shop at The Home Depot for my household cleaners. And they had everything I needed and more.

But what really got me excited was discovering all kinds of products that were invented just for me! There’s a whole slew of household items that were created with germ battling in mind.

I’ve always wanted a whirlpool bath but was hesitant because of the massive amounts of germs that would circulate in and out. But The Home Depot carries the American Standard Champion Apron Whirlpool Bathtub. It has an Everclean System that incorporates an antimicrobial additive molded directly into the circulation piping to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the pipes. And then there are kitchen faucets and sprayers like the Moen Indi Single-Handle Faucet that feature antimicrobial protection.

I know I can’t replace everything at once, but as they say, slow and steady. With the help of The Home Depot, I think I may just be able to win this race and enjoy the prize.

A germ-free, kid-filled household!


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