12 Moms Confess Their Craziest Cleaning Shortcuts

mom and daughter washing dishes

As much as most of us want to appear to have the picture perfect, well-decorated, neat, and tidy home, we all take shortcuts to make our homes look more presentable. Shortcuts we'd rather keep a secret, because we're not exactly proud of taking them! Still, we shouldn't beat ourselves up, because we're all guilty! We asked 12 moms to confess their dirtiest cleaning confessions. Check them out -- bet you'll actually want to follow their lead!


1. "I take [my kids'] perfectly clean clothes off the floor and put them in my dirty hamper -- just to avoid folding and putting them where they belong." -- Jennifer M., Broadway, NC

2. "I clean EVERYTHING (countertops, toilet, toys, even the floors) using baby wipes." -- Kayla A., Cudahy, WI

3. "Sometimes, when I sweep the kitchen and bathrooms, I get the vacuum out to suck up the mess just to avoid bending over." -- Kathryn D., Starkville, MS

4. "If there is old food in a [reusable] container that I know is going to stink, I throw it away." -- Brianna K., Rockford, MI

5. "Last minute uninvited company was coming over, and our basement flooded. [So I] cooked a whole package of bacon to cover up the mildewy smell!" -- Kate L., Pittsburgh, PA

6. "So say company is coming over and you have only a few minutes to tidy up the house. What I have done on more than one occasion is put toys, dishes, clothes, books, blankets, or whatever looks messy and needs to be picked up and toss it all into a laundry basket, then hide it in the bathtub with the shower curtain closed! As long as your shower curtain isn't see-through, it works out great for a fast pick-up! It's almost like an empty temporary closet you can just toss stuff in and worry about later." -- Melanie F., New London, CT

7. "I have thrown out dishes because I was tired of cleaning the same dish over and over again." -- Nicole R., Boise, ID

8. "I sometimes get a big hot soapy bucket of water, throw it on the kitchen floor, then walk with towels under my feet until it's clean, and do the same to dry it up." -- Chale W., Fresno, CA

9. "I do nothing in between our weekly house cleanings. I mean, yes, I do the dishes and make the beds and wash the laundry, but I don't clean any surfaces except the high chair, fold the laundry, or wash the sheets unless someone pees the bed. Kind of gross, but once a week is the best I can do with the three kids!" -- Sasha B., Maplewood, NJ

10. "I get the laundry clean, folded, and then I put them in baskets with intentions of putting them away in my room and the kids' room, and my husband usually has a basket of his own. So then the laundry sits there for a week and [dirty] laundry starts to pile up, and I don't want to just leave laundry all over because (despite this habit) I'm NOT a slob. So I hide it temporarily in the tub until the current clean laundry gets put away in drawers, and my baskets are free for more clean laundry!" -- Jen B., Oak Lawn, IL

11. "I had to put dishes in the washing machine to hide them when I ran out of time to clean them before important company got to my house!" -- Kim B., Saco, ME

12. "When company is coming, I have stuffed piles of clothes into Amvets' donation bags, then neatly placed the bags in a corner or closet. That way, we look like such good Americans -- instead of a house of slobs!" -- Sheryl F., Fair Lawn, NJ

Which of these are you guilty of? Or do you have your own dirty cleaning confession?


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