14 Classic Christmas Quotes So Awesome They Still Give Us the Feels

Liz Alterman | Dec 8, 2014 Home & Garden
14 Classic Christmas Quotes So Awesome They Still Give Us the Feels
Image: Winniewow LLC/cultura/Corbis

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Winniewow LLC/cultura/Corbis

Christmas is right around the corner, but between all the wrapping and baking that needs to be done before the big day, I often lose sight of the true meaning of this season. Sometimes it's not until Christmas Eve, when I can finally take a deep breath and imagine my kids wide-eyed with wonder, that I remember why it is I've run around like a madwoman for the past four weeks. But it shouldn't take until December 24 to really embrace the excitement of Christmas.

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Christmas brings its fair share of emotions, from the warm feelings of goodwill and joy to the rush of spreading cheer to others -- and, let's face it, there are also the crazed emotions of trying to get all the holiday plans, meals, and gifts together. Sometimes it's hard to articulate how the holiday season makes us feel, which is why we scoured the Internet looking for the best words and sayings to describe the holiday.

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From the sentimental to the downright hilarious, we rounded up some classic Christmas quotes that truly capture the spirit of the season -- from words that make our readers feel merry and bright, to the ones that make them say, ho ho ho! 


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