20 Thanksgiving Quotes to Live By All Year Long

Maressa Brown | Mar 25, 2019 Food & Party
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Thanksgiving is the time to feast on delicious turkey and lots of stuffing. This holiday is about mouthwatering cranberry sauce and yummy sweet potatoes, and of course delectable pumpkin and apple pie. But of course, it's also about enjoying the company of our loved ones, sharing a wonderful meal, coming together to feel grateful, and being thankful for all that we have. 

In the spirit of showing thanks, we rounded up some of the most timeless quotes and sayings either about Thanksgiving or that seemed perfectly fitting for the day. It's all about being grateful, and not just for full bellies -- but for full hearts as well.

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Being thankful isn't just words, of course; it is a spirit, a feeling that resonates deeply within. These quotes capture the spirit of the season, the love we have for our family and dear friends. These are the words that can help us express exactly what we are feeling. Gratitude is truly a gift, and one that nourishes us just as much as any veggie on the Thanksgiving table. With these quotes, family and friends can share the Thanksgiving spirit year round, making the next holiday (and all the holidays to come) even more meaningful. 

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  • Feeling Gratitude ...


    Share the love all year long. There doesn't have to be a table full of food to feel thankful. 

  • Happiness Comes When ...


    Focusing on these essentials can help make life a little easier to manage. After all, who wouldn't benefit from this?

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  • A Thankful Heart ...


    Starting with thankfulness can open the door to so many other wonder qualities. And the good news is there is so much to be thankful for each and every day!

  • Grateful for ...


    There is no limit to the things we should feel thankful for. Each moment is a miraculous one. 

  • The Thankful Receiver ...


    Caroline Olney

    When every little thing is appreciated it makes the gifts we receive feel all the more important. 

  • I'm Thankful For ...


    Caroline Olney

    This is a fabulous mantra to repeat every. single. day. 

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  • If You Are Really Thankful ...

    Caroline Olney

    Why wouldn't we want others to experience our own joy? Including others is a precious way to celebrate all we're thankful for.

  • There Is One Day That Is Ours ...

    Caroline Olney

    Though the 4th of July is certainly a patriotic day, Thanksgiving is a wholly unique holiday for the USA. It signifies the peace and unity we are still striving for. 

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  • Small Cheer and Great Welcome ...

    Caroline Olney

    It's not all about the food! Being in good company can leave you feeling just as full. 

  • I Awoke This Morning ...

    Caroline Olney

    What better to be thankful for than the relationships we create? Life would be awfully boring without friends. 

  • Nothing Is More Honorable ...

    Caroline Olney

    When you show gratitude, you should humility. When you show humility, you show respect. And it is certainly easy to respect those that give it. 

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  • We Often Take for Granted ...

    Caroline Olney

    Being thankful one day of the year just isn't enough! Learning to love the little things in life will change the way the world appears. 

  • Grace Isn't a Little Prayer You Chant

    Caroline Olney

    Every moment is a blessing. Treat it so and you'll live a full and happy life. 

  • Gratitude Makes Sense of Our Past ...

    Caroline Olney

    Think in the long-term. Creating an abundant future means being able to recognize a good thing when it happens.

  • For Me, Every Hour ...

    Caroline Olney

    Take pride in the simple joys of life. A smile, whether given or received, can wholly change someone's day. 

  • No Gesture Is Too Small ...


    Image via Caroline Olney

    Grand gestures aren't always necessary. Showing love in the smallest way can inspire someone to push forward. 

  • No One Has Ever ...

    Caroline Olney

    Being rich doesn't just mean monetary gain. Money is necessary but fleeting. Happiness is the truest currency. 

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  • At Some Point in Life ...

    Caroline Olney

    May we all get to this point in our lives sooner rather than later. Think about how much better the world will be when it is viewed through this lens

  • Forever on Thanksgiving Day ...

    Caroline Olney

    Though we should practice gratitude daily, it is wonderful to have a day where we relish in it exclusively. 

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  • I'm Just Someone Who ...

    Caroline Olney

    There are so many ways to show love, and food has to be one of the best!

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