11 Smart Storage Ideas Designed to Save Space & Time (PHOTOS)​

Liz Alterman | Dec 2, 2014 Home & Garden
11 Smart Storage Ideas Designed to Save Space & Time (PHOTOS)​

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Are you familiar with that famous Benjamin Franklin quote, "A place for everything and everything in its place"? It sounds good in theory, right? But as most moms know too well, finding a spot to store everything is a daunting task. Well, not to worry, we've found some genius solutions that will beat your clutter blues.

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Check out our slideshow and then tell us: What awe-inspiring storage fixes have you devised?

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  • Aim High


    Image via StitkaProjectsLLC/Flickr

    If you've run out of cabinet space for your pots and pans, give them a lift. Hanging them from the ceiling -- in a place where no one will bop their head -- is a great solution. Plus, they're easy to find without having to make a lot of rearrangements!

  • Magnetic Spice Rack


    Image via RossCatrow/Flickr

    You can stick your spices, literally, anywhere! On the fridge! On the stove! Not only does this keep them close at hand, it saves a lot of coveted cabinet space. 

  • Shoe Storage


    Image via YouTube

    Stacking your shoe collection inside plastic boxes is a great idea for a number of reasons. You can find the pair you're looking for without having to dig through those cardboard boxes. It also keeps them together. (How many times have you been running late and can only find one of your sandals?)

    This also protects those heels you don't wear very often and prevents them from becoming dust collectors. And as you acquire more pairs, you can just purchase additional boxes rather than adding another shoe rack.

  • Messy Makeup Solution


    Image via YouTube

    Hang a towel bar near where you usually put on your makeup and then find some small decorative tins or pails and place your cosmetics and brushes inside. 

  • Create an Accessory Wall


    Image via YouTube

    Do your necklace and earrings end up a jumbled mess inside your jewelry box? Something as simple as a bulletin board and hooks can help you straighten out and organize your baubles. Storing them where they're easy to spot will save you both time and space!

  • Under the Bed


    Image via YouTube

    There's room for more than just dust bunnies under your bed, so use it. Storing clothing, shoes, or extra bed linens in long, rectangular plastic bins can save you lots of drawer and closet space.

  • Keep Toilet Paper Where It's Easy to Find


    Image via Hey Paul Studios/Flickr

    If you've run out of room in your vanity and linen closet or don't want guests rooting through your cabinets, storing rolls of toilet paper on the wall is a great solution!

  • All About the Basket


    Image via TrilliumDesign~Caroline/Flickr

    Baskets are a great storage idea for families. Kids can toss everything from their toys and homework to their mittens and scarves in their very own cubby. This eliminates a lot of clutter and minimizes time spent looking for those hats and gloves when you're on your way out the door. 

  • Create a Magnet Board


    Image via Sharon_Kay11/Flickr

    Keep those bills and important notes front and center by storing them on your very own magnet board. Stick your grocery or to-do list there or use it as a place to keep your take-out menus. 

  • Repurpose Your Tissue Box


    Image © 2/Lisa Romerein/Ocean/Corbis

    Any empty tissue box is a perfect place to stash all those plastic grocery or take-out bags. Stuff them inside and place the box under the sink for a much more organized system. 

  • Hang Baskets Sideways


    Hollie at ImBusyProcrastinating.com shared this innovative towel storage idea that's perfect for those with limited closet space. Plus, it makes a great decorative presentation. 

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