Holiday Tipping 101: The Ultimate Guide to Showing Your Gratitude

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The holidays are in full-swing, which means you're probably in the midst of shopping for presents galore. But gifting family and friends is just the beginning. You'll likely also want to tip people whose services you're grateful for throughout the year.


"Sometimes it seems overwhelming to work these tips into your already-stretched holiday budget, but holiday tipping is a way of showing appreciation to those people who make your life easier and more pleasant," says Lydia Ramsey, business etiquette expert and author of Manners That Sell. "Give with a happy heart knowing you could not get along without them."

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Although Ramsey encourages taking your budget into consideration when determining appropriate gift amounts, she shared her general rules of thumb for tipping everyone from your hairdresser to your babysitter.

Check them out below, then tell us: What aspect of holiday tipping has tripped you up in the past?


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