19 Totally Inappropriate Christmas Autocorrect Fails

Liz Alterman | Dec 2, 2014 Home & Garden

christmas autocorrect
Damn You AutoCorrect

With all the shopping, wrapping, baking, and mailing we have to do during the holiday season, who has time to proofread each and every text? We multitasking and delegating and that's enough work as it is! But consider this fair warning -- sometimes it's worth giving those texts a once-over as Autocorrect can be both naughty and nice! 

We know it's really not our day when Autocorrect turns the delicious "dry rub" we planning for our holiday roast into a, eh em, "dry hump" in a text message. Thanks, Autocorrect, for turning the family dinner into something terrible we now can't un-imagine. And it's hard to believe what Autocorrect can do to make a Black Forest Hot Chocolate sound pretty unappetizing. Sheesh. Time to really watch what we're texting, so as not to alienate the relatives this season.

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Santa Claus would surely put coal in our stockings if he came across texts like these in our phones. Check out our roundup of hilarious Autocorrect mishaps that happened during the busy holidays, and let's be glad they didn't happen to us ... or not yet anyway ... 

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