How to Make a Thankful Tree for Thanksgiving (PHOTOS)

Kat Bouska | Nov 25, 2014 Home & Garden

little girl cutting orange construction paperI discovered a kid-friendly Thanksgiving project on Pinterest this month that might be the perfect combination of fall spirit and home decor! The idea is to create a "Thankful Tree" by adding branches to a vase.

You can ask each member of your family to write down what they are thankful for and you add those slips of paper to the branches.

We used decorative fall-inspired scrapbook paper and a bundle of berry branches I found at our local craft store to complete our tree.

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Take a look at the process from start to finish as I decide whether or not the tree was a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail:

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You can also check out how you can make a "Thankful Tree" of your own by following these 10 easy steps and then tell us: What's your favorite Thanksgiving craft?


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  • Gather Materials


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    You will need bunches of branches, a vase, a circular puncher, and scrapbook paper to get started!

  • Bunches of Branches


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    Find bundles of branches at your local craft store or send kids to collect them from your yard!

  • Flower Vase


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    You can use any sort of vase or mason jar!

  • Decorative Paper


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    Pick out a few sheets of autumn-themed scrapbook paper for your tree.

  • Circle Puncher


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    Locate a decorative paper puncher in the scrapbook section of any store or cut the shapes by hand.

  • Punch Out Paper


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    Cut out pieces of paper that you can write on and hang from your tree.

  • Write It Down


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    Then have each member of your family write down some of the things they are thankful for.

  • Be Creative


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    Encourage your kids to let loose and go big with their answers!

  • Decorate Your Thankful Tree


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    After adding your branches to your vase, hang your thankful slips of paper all over the tree.

  • Enjoy!


    Image via Kat Bouska

    Step back and enjoy your thankful tree!

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