10 Brilliant Ways to Save on Holiday Gifts

Maressa Brown | Nov 25, 2014 Home & Garden

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During the holiday season, we show gratitude for everything we have on Thanksgiving, and then we pass on the love by gifting loved ones through the end of the year. But no matter how many sales you hit up, it can be challenging to stick to a holiday gift budget. Unless, of course, you implement certain smart savings tricks this season!

We rounded up 10 of the best ways to cut costs on holiday gifts. Check 'em out, then tell us: Which of these do you plan to do this year?

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  • Buy in Bulk


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    Whether you're talking stocking stuffers or gifts for coworkers and neighbors, buying in bulk (think in terms of chocolates, bath and beauty supplies, or candles) could spread the cheer while saving you serious dough. 

  • Bake Up a Storm


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    Show everyone from grandparents to your boss how much you care with a batch of homemade cookies or brownies. DIY candy (chocolate-covered pretzels!), truffles, pies, cake pops, or fudge are also beloved picks, too! Buying ingredients in bulk will keep the bill down, and you can present your sweet treats in a pretty tin or plastic wrap with a decorative bow.

  • Create a Photo Present


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    Consider a collage, digital photo album or montage, calendar, or go old-school by framing the best shot from your family photo shoot for relatives.

  • Craft Your Gifts


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    You don't have to have your own Etsy shop or be a DIY genius to craft a gift friends and family will cherish. Homemade soap, body scrub, holiday ornaments, or découpage trays are all fab, wallet-friendly ideas!

  • Consider Experience 'Coupons'


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    Experiences have been shown to offer a longer-lasting happiness effect than material possessions, according to research, so why not gift your spouse with "coupons" or certificates for various experiences (like cooking their favorite meal or giving them a massage)?

  • Gift Your Skills


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    Don't underestimate what you personally have to bring to the table that could be seen as an incredibly useful gift! You could gift your time and skill set to a family friend who admires your home decorating savvy, to your sister-in-law who would love your help with her herb garden, or to your nephew who would love your expertise on his resume.

  • Give 'Secret Santa' Style


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    When it comes to gift-giving among friends or colleagues, you might suggest doing a "Secret Santa"-style pool, wherein everyone draws one person's name. That way, you only have to worry about one gift instead of tons of little ones! Plus, it's easy to set a price limit when you do this, too!

  • Regift


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    Okay, it sounds cheesy, but if it's something you're definitely not using that is super-lightly used or not used at all, and you think the recipient would truly love it, go for it! Could be a home good you've never displayed, a book, a pricey beauty product you never opened, or a fancy candle you really don't need that hasn't been burned.

  • Look Into Rewards Points


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    Many stores and credit cards have loyal customer programs that allow you to rack up rewards points over the course of the year, but they may expire come December 31! What better way to take advantage of 'em than by applying them to either savings on gifts or actual gifts (think gifts with purchases at the beauty counter -- or even gifting air travel rewards)!

  • Plan a Get-Together Instead


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    Maybe getting together with loved ones who you don't get to see all the time could be gift enough! You can go out for a nice meal or host a dinner, or simply plan to catch up over hot cocoa. Simply sharing one another's company can make for happy memories galore. 

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