10 Hilarious & Embarrassing Thanksgiving Autocorrects

Liz Alterman | Nov 18, 2014 Home & Garden
10 Hilarious & Embarrassing Thanksgiving Autocorrects

Damn You Autocorrect

Thanksgiving. It's a wonderful holiday for anyone who doesn't mind the stress of cleaning, shopping, and cooking. Sometimes when we're scurrying around in the midst of prepping for the big day, we have a tendency to rush those texts, am I right? That's when Autocorrect has a chance to step in and provide some much-needed, though often shocking, humor.

Oh that Autocorrect. It's always there to provide a little added "flavor" to our everyday text communications -- and the holiday season certainly is no different! On top of the work of being parents, we're crazy busy making lists, contacting family, cooking, rushing about, traveling, and basically trying not to lose our minds a little bit. In other words, we're prime candidates for autocorrect blunders -- and wow, sometimes, those "corrections" can end up being so dang funny, or even downright embarrassingly PG-13! Sorry, Dad! 

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Check out some of these wonderfully funny Autocorrect fails we found just in time for Thanksgiving. These will give us all the laughs we need this hectic holiday season. 

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