10 Kitchen Preps to Help You Get Ready for Thanksgiving (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Nov 14, 2014 Home & Garden

Thanksgiving leftover recipesThanksgiving: It's less than two weeks away! Are you ready? Or, more importantly, is your kitchen? 

Once you've planned your menu, you'll want to take stock of what you have and what you'll need. Next, you have to write that all-important grocery list and then figure out where you'll put everything. We all know this is a labor-intense holiday for hosts, so why not give yourself a head-start by getting the kitchen in great shape? From cleaning and decluttering to checking your supplies and tools, we've got some important tips to help you get ready for Thanksgiving. 

Check out our slideshow and then tell us: Have you begun to prep your kitchen for Thanksgiving yet?


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  • Clean Out the Fridge


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    How long has that heavy cream been hiding in the back? Chances are, it needs to go! And that dill that's been hanging out wilting in your crisper? Toss it and make room for fresh herbs and veggies that ensure your Turkey Day is delish!

  • Take a Look at Those Cookbooks!


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    They're not just for decoration! Really look through your cookbooks and recipe binders to see if you'd like to include any new dishes alongside the old favorites this year. 

  • Check Out Your Pantry


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    Don't get caught without a key ingredient Thanksgiving morning. Go through your pantry and cabinets now and see what's missing and add it to your grocery list.

    Also take a look at what may have expired or what staples you just don't have enough of to avoid ending up at the grocery store with the last-minute crowds.

  • Be Prepared!


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    This motto isn't just for Cub Scouts. It's a hectic holiday, so you want to be ready in case there's an accident. Have some extras (think: jar of gravy) on hand in case someone drops the bowl of stuffing or you forget to set the timer and burn those biscuits!

  • Clear Your Counters


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    If you're not using that big mixer or food processor, why not move them, at least temporarily, to clear a larger work space? 

  • Prep for Leftovers


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    Chances are you're going to have plenty of leftovers. Maybe you'd like to eat them for the next week or perhaps you'd rather send them home with your guests. Either way, make sure you've got plenty of foil, plastic wrap, or containers at the ready for a quick and easy clean-up. 

  • Clean the Oven


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    Get your oven and stove-top ready for the big day with a good cleaning! 

  • Count Your Place Settings


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    Will you have enough plates, platters, glasses, etc.? Start planning now so you don't have to improvise (shot glass of gravy, anyone?) as Granddad is carving the turkey.

  • Sharpen Those Knives!


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    Thanksgiving involves plenty of slicing, dicing, chopping, and let's not forget, carving. Dull knives are dangerous and ineffective, so sharpen away ahead of the big day!

  • Make Sure You've Got the Tools


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    The turkey looks like it's done, but is it? Where's the meat thermometer? Can you use the one you stick under the kids' armpits when you suspect a fever? Doubtful! Don't get caught without the right tools! Make sure you have a baster, thermometer, and everything else that guarantees all your hard work doesn't go to waste!

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