The 10 Cheapest Cities to Buy a Family Home (PHOTOS)

Cleveland, OH

Babies often require tons of equipment that takes up lots of space. But even as children grow and you put away those pack-n-plays and exersaucers, most families agree that room in their houses is still at a premium! While many fantasize about upgrading to a larger abode, let's face it: Bigger homes aren't cheap! 

But what if packing up and moving to a new city meant you could get more bang for your buck? Coldwell Banker recently released its annual Home Listing Report detailing the most and least expensive housing markets in the nation.

Rather than focusing on the median residential prices, the report looks at family-size homes -- which they define as four-bedroom and two-bathroom, across the markets.

The following are the 10 cities where a "family home" is most affordable


Check out our slideshow and then tell us: Would you move to a new city if it meant you could have a larger house? 

Image via ifmuth/Flickr

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