Thanksgiving Horoscopes: What the Stars Have to Say About Your Holiday Weekend

couple passing plate of turkeyAs cheerful and celebratory as the holiday season is, it can also be replete with anxiety and stress. From negotiating plans to dealing with kooky relatives, wrangling more kids than normal under one roof to preparing lots of delicious but labor-intensive dishes ... yeah, not easy for anyone

But if you have a heads-up on what you can expect -- family drama or tranquility galore -- you may have a greater shot at ensuring plans go off without a hitch. (Or, at least, you'll have more time to figure out how to cope, right?)

Thanks to several years of studying and professionally writing about astrology under my belt, I've got the scoop on how the stars will shape your Thanksgiving weekend, depending on your sun sign! Here, my predictions for all your Turkey Day festivities.


Aries (Mar. 21–Apr. 19)
Getting out of your comfort zone is a must this holiday weekend! First, Venus in your ninth house of adventure forms a positive angle to Uranus in your sign on November 26, causing a potentially romantic, but sudden, turn of events on Thanksgiving eve. Then, on Thanksgiving Day, Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation, also moves into your ninth house. Conversations with loved ones might center on an exotic vacation or other exciting plans. Enjoy!

Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)
With the sun in your eighth house, which rules sex and emotional bonding, squaring off against Neptune in your eleventh house of networking and groups on Thanksgiving eve, you may be frustrated by the crowds that keep showing up at your doorstep! That's because what you'll really want is to spend some quality one-on-one time with your man. Still, this is a theme that could rear its head through the whole holiday weekend, so you'll do best to simply savor the intimate opportunities that arise and pump yourself up to entertain friends and family the rest of the time!

Gemini (May 21–June 20)
The key to checking off all of those Turkey Day to-dos will be teamwork with your spouse -- even more than usual, given communicator Mercury's entry into your seventh house of partnership on Thanksgiving Day. Just beware of its negative angle to Neptune in your tenth house of career on Sunday, after the holiday. Work could come calling and make it hard to get through the weekend without tending to an assignment or two. If that happens, your man can help chauffeur relatives to the airport or pitch in with clean-up!

Cancer (June 21–July 22)
Everyday habits might clash with your lofty aspirations to spice things up this Thanksgiving weekend. Neptune in your ninth house of adventure squares off first with the sun (on Thanksgiving eve) and then with communicator Mercury (on Sunday, after the holiday) -- both in your sixth house of routine. If the kids won't eat that creative new side dish recipe or plans to go ice skating fall through, take it in stride. Your efforts are still very much appreciated!

Leo (July 23–Aug. 22)
Sexy sparks are bound to fly for you this holiday, thanks to lots of action in your fifth house of romance. On Thanksgiving eve, Venus there forms a positive angle to Uranus in your ninth house of adventure, so spontaneity rules the night and doing something out of the ordinary with your spouse could boost your chemistry in a big way. Then, communicator Mercury's entry into your fifth house of romance on Thanksgiving Day has you flirting up a storm with one another. (Just don't let your MIL see those sexts!)

Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 22)
Thanksgiving is typically all about family togetherness, and that theme is amplified for you with the sun and communicator Mercury (as of Thanksgiving Day) both in your fourth house of domestic affairs. Just beware the sun's square to Neptune in your seventh house of partnership on Thanksgiving eve, when relatives' demands may not line up with what you and your spouse had in mind. And on the Sunday after the holiday, when Mercury squares off against Neptune, miscommunication could set the stage for conflict. Do your best to remain unruffled.

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Libra (Sept. 23–Oct. 22)
On Thanksgiving eve, spelling out desires for your spouse should make for unexpected fun, thanks to Venus in your third house of communication forming a positive angle to Uranus in your seventh house of partnership. Then, when Mercury enters your third house on Thanksgiving Day, articulating what's in your heart is practically effortless, which makes it easier than ever to bond with loved ones. Lucky you!

Scorpio (Oct. 23–Nov. 21)
Money may be on your mind this weekend, because both the sun and communicator Mercury will be in your second house of income as of Thanksgiving Day. Feel free to talk shop or a possible investment strategy with a trusted relative or friend, but just be sure not to make any bold moves until after the weekend wraps up, as a tense square between Mercury and Neptune in your fifth house of romance on the Sunday after the holiday could lead to mixed messages and clouded judgment. 

Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21)
If relatives offer to babysit on Thanksgiving eve, so you can have an impromptu date night, jump at the chance! Venus in your sign forms a positive angle to Uranus in your fifth house of romance, so love will be in the air. And once communicator Mercury joins the sun in your sign on Thanksgiving Day, you could easily become the star of the show at the dinner table. Entertain away -- everyone will be mesmerized by your charms!

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
You might be a bit introspective and reserved during the holiday weekend, given that several planets will be in your twelfth house of spirituality. A low-key celebration may suit your mood best, but if that's not possible, don't hesitate to let loved ones know when you could use some solo time (like a walk in the park or morning yoga). On the Sunday after the holiday, when Mercury in your twelfth house squares off against Neptune in your third house of communication, being explicit about your needs can preempt confusion.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
A desire to keep friends and family entertained and content could end up stretching your budget, given that both the sun and Mercury -- both in your eleventh house of networking -- will square off against Neptune in your second house of income on Thanksgiving eve and the Sunday after the holiday, respectively. For this reason, clearing up any questions about holiday spending ahead of time would be best. Once you do, you'll have a better shot at sticking to your guns and limiting money stress!

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Several planets in your tenth house of career during the holiday weekend may have you thinking more about work than play, particularly on Thanksgiving eve when the sun there squares Neptune in your sign and on the Sunday after the holiday when Mercury follows suit. But glitchy email or other miscommunication could make it challenging to get the job done. For that reason -- and for the sake of giving yourself a break! -- prioritizing tasks and deciding what can go on the backburner can make it easier to relax with loved ones!

What are you most looking forward to this Thanksgiving? Are you now hoping your prediction will come true?

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