Hotel Cleaner Secretly Taped Doing Something Shocking While Guest Was Out of the Room (VIDEO)

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Have you ever found yourself rushing out of your hotel room, only to later wish you'd locked your valuables in the safe? Have you ever thought about what the housekeepers might be doing while they're in your room -- aside from making the bed and tidying up, of course?

While most of us can only speculate, one man actually found out when he left his laptop camera recording after he left the room.

What Vince Stravix found was so shocking that he decided to post the secretly taped footage on YouTube.


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In between her assigned tasks, the room attendant took the opportunity to check out a package Stravix had delivered, attempt to access his laptop and tablet, and even root through his suitcase

The guest, who declined to identify the hotel but said it is a "name brand" and located in the US, explained that his intention is not to out the chain but rather to make fellow travelers more aware of potential problems. 

This video was not uploaded to incite a witch-hunt or a boycott. Employees are never 100% controllable and they never will be because people are not robots.

Making people aware that even in a hotel room someone could rifle through your things without you knowing, so password protect everything you own and keep valuables locked up. Keep you're [sic] items hidden in the trunk of a car or at least hidden from view!

While this cleaner didn't take anything from the room, it definitely seems unusual that she closed the door. I've never seen that before, and if you've got nothing to hide and you're doing your job, wouldn't you keep it open? 

Some viewers who watched Stravix's video were more alarmed by the fact that the woman wore the same gloves to clean the bathroom AND make the bed (ewwww!) than by her other behavior. 

While I don't usually travel with any valuables other than my wallet and camera, there have been many times I've left those behind in the room. If I'm using the pool or enjoying the breakfast buffet, I don't necessarily want to look like Sophia from Golden Girls, clutching my purse to me. But this story will definitely make me think twice about that the next time I'm traveling. How about you?

Do you use the safe or put away your belongings carefully when staying in a hotel? 

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