Man Makes Awful Discovery in New House the Day After Buying It


A Florida man who purchased a foreclosure at an auction earlier this week received a horrible surprise when he went to inspect his new property. William Wilson of Cape Coral picked up the house for $96,000 on Tuesday, only to find a corpse on the floor of the master bedroom when he paid the place his first visit on Wednesday.

While you often hear plenty of warnings about the perils of buying a home in foreclosure, a dead body is definitely not something you think you'd have to worry about. 

What's even worse, no one is sure exactly who the corpse is!


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Longtime neighbors believe the body may be that of an older, reclusive woman whom they say they haven't seen since 2011.

As disturbing as it must have been for Wilson, it's incredibly sad to think that no one missed this person or even thought to look in on them. It sounds like the new homeowner agrees:

You couldn't tell who it was. You couldn't tell if it was a male or a female ... it's disappointing and a sad thing that nobody cared enough to check.

When I first moved into my neighborhood, the house across the street went up for sale. We were told that the elderly woman who lived there alone had an arrangement where each morning she'd open her blinds in the window that faced her neighbor's house as a sign that she was all right. 

One morning, the blinds remained shut. The couple who kept an eye out knew right away that something was wrong. Sure enough, she had fallen and was unable to get to a phone to call for help. Thanks to having that plan in place, she was found, treated, and ultimately moved to another home where she'd no longer be alone. 

Even though everyone is living busy lives, taking a few minutes to check in on an older neighbor who lives alone can make a life-saving difference. 

Do you look out for anyone in your neighborhood?


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