20 Great Holiday Gifts for $10 or Less That Don't Look Cheap at All

Image: Anthropologie


We don't know about everyone else, but each holiday season, the list of gifts we need to buy seems to grow longer than Santa's beard. Sorry, but it's true. There are the teachers, neighbors, hosts, and hostesses of every holiday event we'll be attending, plus gifts for the under the tree and in the stocking. This is only the tip of the gift-giving iceberg. Getting through the entire list can sure take a toll on our wallets and bank accounts. 


While we all know it's better to give than to receive, no one wants to start off the new year with a mountain of bills. (No one wants that ever, to be totally clear.) The perfect gift doesn't have to cost a fortune; remember, it's the thought that counts! 

Plus, sometimes we get stuck in a holiday shopper's block when it comes to finding the perfect host or hostess gifts, or Secret Santa or white elephant gift. We know we shouldn't spend a lot, but what's going to not end up looking like an after-thought, run-of-the-mill budget gift? 

Well, we scoured the Internet to come up with 20 great, actually useful gifts that cost less than $10. In fact, these inexpensive gifts are so awesome that we might also snag ourselves one! 

Ain't nothing better than crossing off our holiday shopping list without running ourselves broke.

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