The 10 Safest States -- Is Yours on the List? (PHOTOS)

family in carThe right weather (you love all four seasons or you could really do without the cold!), the best schools, and proximity to the beach are all reasons we might choose to live in a certain state. But considering where you'll be safest definitely comes to mind too -- especially when you're a mom!

Of course, we often think of less safe areas as replete with violence and crime. And as much as we want to steer clear of those, we also want to live where there's a higher guarantee of workplace safety, protection from natural disasters, home and community stability, traffic safety -- not to mention financial security!

So whether you're considering packing up and moving to a new state, or you simply wonder where your home state lands in terms of overall safety, we rounded up WalletHub's top 10 safest states to live in.


Check 'em out, then tell us: Would you ever consider moving to #4?! (Yes, please!)

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