14 Cheap Holiday Decorations You Can Make Yourself (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Nov 25, 2014 Home & Garden
14 Cheap Holiday Decorations You Can Make Yourself (PHOTOS)

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Decorating for the holidays is loads of fun, but it can become pretty costly very quickly! This season, why not try your hand at creating your own baubles and some great memories at the same time?

We found 14 inexpensive do-it-yourself ideas that will transform your home into a festive holiday wonderland without breaking the bank!

Check out how slideshow and then tell us: What's your favorite holiday craft to make? 

 homemade yarn ornament wreath

Images ©iStock.com/dejanristovski; via Chris_J/Flickr

  • Candy Cane Vase


    Ruth, founder of Living Well Spending Less, decided to make her holiday floral arrangements a bit more imaginative by creating this adorable candy cane vase. Total cost: under $2! Can't beat that!

  • Coffee Filter Wreath


    Image via YouTube

    While this wreath might look fancy, it's actually made with coffee filters! Martha Stewart's online tutorial illustrates how it comes together in no time. Use white or brown filters, tie up the wreath with a gorgeous jewel-toned bow, and prepare to be asked where you purchased this stunning creation. 

  • Napkin Rings


    Image © Ada Summer/Corbis

    Festive napkin rings are a great way to dress up an otherwise blah place setting. Plus, you might actually get a little help setting the table for once!

  • Ornament Wreath


    Image © David Deas/DK Stock/Corbis

    Making an ornament wreath is simpler than you might think! Choose any colors you like, fire up your glue gun, and have fun crafting this festive indoor/outdoor decoration.

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  • 3-D Paper Snowflakes


    Image via YouTube

    Creating paper snowflakes is a perfect afternoon craft for kids! Hang them in your window or string a bunch together to design your own version of the North Pole!

  • Pinecone Ornaments


    Image © Patrick Norman/Corbis

    Pinecones are so versatile! On their own, they're lovely in their simplicity, but you can jazz them up in seconds, thanks to spray paint or glitter. Creating your own pinecone ornaments is an inexpensive and fun project that offers plenty of room to get creative!

  • Candy Cane Place Card Holders


    Image via Lemiparty

    All it takes to put together this cute card holder is: three candy canes, a ribbon, a glue gun, and a place card! They make a sweet addition to any place setting. 

  • Bow Wreath


    Image via Honest to Nod

    This bow wreath is festive, easy to make, and super colorful. Only a bit of hot glue is needed to ensure the bows stick. Be sure to cover the sides of the wreath as well. 

  • Candles in Yarn


    Image via Design Improvised

    Add a little sparkle to that flicker this season by dressing up your candles with yarn. Haeley at Design Improved borrowed this clever idea from her mother-in-law. She recommends using battery-operated candles and placing them amid a display of fake snow for a festive glow that lights up any room.

  • Chalk Ornaments


    Image via Rust & Sunshine

    Decorate your plastic ornaments with chalkboard paint, let them dry, and then personalize them with a special holiday message! This makes a unique and thoughtful teacher or hostess gift.

  • Snow Wreath


    Image via Design Improvised

    You can assemble this fluffy snow wreath for under $10, according to holiday craft maven Haeley at Design Improvised

  • Paper Angels


    Image via YouTube

    These adorable paper angels are perfect for hanging in windows or adorning gift bags and Christmas trees. One sheet of paper makes two angels! Add some decorative pipe cleaner to form a festive halo.

  • Chocolate Marshmallow Dreidel


    Image via Dalboz17/Flickr

    Who doesn't love an edible craft? These chocolate marshmallow dreidels are perfect for Hanukkah. They're fun to make and even better for dessert. 

  • Gingerbread House


    Image via YouTube

    Don't you love admiring gingerbread houses? Well, why not build one yourself this year? They're so much fun to craft with the kids! Jen from Cookies, Cupcakes & Cardio offers a step-by-step gingerbread house tutorial to help you put together your perfect gingerbread house! 

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