Creepy Mansion Perfect for Halloween Sells for a SHOCKING Price

mansion in kentucky

A dilapidated mansion that has the makings of the perfect setting for a haunted house recently sold for $1!

Built in the 1860s, the Romanesque-style estate, one of the last of its kind, is located in Louisville, Kentucky, and was once the home of well-to-do coffee merchant Samuel Ouerbacker

Over the years the mansion changed hands, serving as the office of a tax business in the 1980s before, ironically, the company lost the property in 2005 due to ... wait for it ... failure to pay taxes. 

Its stunning brick facade and ornamental masonry work have often fallen prey to vandals who've broken the windows and tried to gain access to this sprawling property. 

So what will become of this historic home now?


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mansion in kentucky

Oracle Design has stepped in and made easy-on-the-wallet (at least initially)purchase and plans to restore the home and convert it to apartments. The mansion is just one of 14 properties the firm has slated for a residential restoration project, according to the Courier-Journal.

The architects have their work cut out for them with this job. The mansion, previously on "Louisville’s Top 10 Endangered Historic Places” list, suffered structural damage following a fire in 2006. While gutted inside, the strong and striking exterior could definitely benefit from a facelift. 

I can't wait to see what this place will look like after it's been restored! I'm a sucker for turrets (this home has two!) and would love to take a tour when these apartments are complete. 

And, maybe it's the season, but I can't help but think that even if it's not actually inhabited by any of the spirits of its former owners and occupants, this mansion would make the ultimate haunted house before its restoration, wouldn't it?

Have you ever undertaken a home restoration project? How did it turn out? 


Images via w.marsh/Flickr

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