How to Make Ghosts in a Jar for Halloween (PHOTOS)

Kat Bouska | Oct 30, 2014 Home & Garden
How to Make Ghosts in a Jar for Halloween (PHOTOS)

We are spooking things up this month with ghosts in a jar! This craft seems like just the type of easy Halloween-inspired home decor that I might enjoy!

The idea is to glue a floating ghost on the inner lid of a mason jar using hot glue, a wooden spool, a wooden knob, and a lollipop stick. Place a square of cheesecloth in liquid starch and then drape it over your ghost shape.

When you screw the lid into place and turn the jar upside down, you will have what appears to be a mini ghost terrarium.

Watch the video as I complete this craft and decide whether or not the ghosts in a jar were a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail for me:

Check out how you can make a ghost in a jar of your own by following these 10 easy steps and then tell us:

What's your favorite Halloween craft?

  • Gather Materials


    Image via Kat Bouska

    Find spools, round knobs, lollipop sticks, masons jars, cheesecloth, and liquid starch at your local craft store.

  • Start With Your Mason Jar and Accessories

    Image via Kat Bouska

    Gather your mason jar, spool, lollipop stick, and round knob together to get ready to start the ghost jar.

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  • Glue Spool

    Image via Kat Bouska

    Glue your spool to the inside of your mason jar using a hot glue gun. Easy peasy!

  • Glue Shapes Together

    Image via Kat Bouska

    Use a hot glue gun to secure your spool to the inside of your mason jar lid. Glue your stick and wooden knob in place and this will create the form of your ghost!

  • Prepare Cheesecloth

    Image via Kat Bouska

    Cut enough cheesecloth to cover the shape of your ghost and place it in a bowl of liquid starch. Squeeze excess starch from cheesecloth.

  • Dampen Cheesecloth in Liquid Starch

    Image via Kat Bouska

    Submerge your cheesecloth in a bowl of liquid starch and squeeze excess liquid from cloth.

  • Drape Cheesecloth Over Ghost Shape

    Image via Kat Bouska

    Position the cheesecloth over top your ghost figure and position it until it takes the form you are happy with.

  • Add a Face

    Image via Kat Bouska

    Use a permanent marker to draw eyes and a mouth to your ghost. Sppooooooky!!!

  • Place the Lid

    Image via Kat Bouska

    Screw your mason jar lid and ghost into place to enclose your ghost. Creepy or not? You be the judge.

  • Decorate!

    Image via Kat Bouska

    Add your finished ghosts in jars to your fall decor this Halloween season. So cute and so easy, right?

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