Best & Worst US Towns for First-Time Home Buyers (PHOTOS)

family looking at house for saleWhether the economy is up or down, the American Dream of becoming a home buyer remains the same. Many still see buying their own home as the ultimate freedom and point of pride, even as the process has become challenging, and we've all gotten a bit more skeptical in the years since the Great Recession hit.

Despite overall trends, there are plenty of places where it's easier to be a first-time home buyer. And others where it's harder, for sure! Considering a plethora of factors like median house prices, real estate taxes, median home price appreciation, and price-to-rent ratios, WalletHub compiled a list of the most and least attractive spots to buy your first home in the US.


Check out 5 of the best places to buy as a first-time home hunter, and 5 of the worst, then tell us: Would you consider packing up and moving to #3?!


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