Christmas 'Tree' Art Is Outraging People Who Think It's Too X-Rated (VIDEO)​

vendome paris at nightIt's not uncommon for people to get all up in arms over holiday decorations, especially Halloween ones that might be considered inappropriate for kids and government displays deemed too religious or too secular. But what about decor that may look, at least at first glance, too X-rated?!

That's the issue Paris government officials are facing after an 80-foot high, inflatable "Christmas tree" by American artist Paul McCarthy went up over the Place Vendome as part of the "Fiac" contemporary art fair. Sounds completely innocent enough, right?

But it appears it's so offensive to some French citizens, like far-right wing group Printemps Francais (which also opposes same-sex marriage), that they've been tweeting, "Taxpayers -- this is where your money goes!" and posting claims that the Vendome has been "disfigured" and Paris has been "humiliated" by this installment. Whaaat?!

See for yourself what all the furor is about.



All right, so, clearly it has a resemblance to a butt plug sex toy. And the 69-year-old artist, whose work usually aims to drop jaws, told Le Monde that the tree, entitled simply "Tree," is an "abstract work" rooted in a joke about a sex toy.

So, the resemblance is on purpose. Still. Eh! Whatever! It could also look to more innocent -- or, at least open-minded -- eyes like a ... playful, green, inflatable tree!

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Point being, we really need to tread lightly when it comes to the sort of art we're condemning and censoring. Is it actually offensive? Is it actually "disfiguring" the Vendome, "humiliating" Paris? Or is it just contemporary art meant to get people talking? Do we want to live in a world where people aren't allowed to express themselves in particularly controversial ways?

Anyone -- whether it's a city like Paris or your neighbor down the street -- should be allowed the freedom to display holiday decor that has an unconventional, artistic, tongue-in-cheek edge. As long as it's not blatantly offensive, vulgar, or hurting anyone, what's the big deal?

How do you feel about this holiday art? Would you be offended and upset if it went up in your town?


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