Couple Build $680,000 Dream Beach House -- On Wrong Plot of Land

Mark and Brenda Voss are a Missouri couple who are lucky enough to be in a position to build a gorgeous $680,000 mansion on a beach in Florida. Sounds dreamy, doesn't it? But the couple's three-level custom home turned out to be an absolute nightmare -- because it was built on the wrong plot of land across the street from the plot they actually paid to own. If that isn't bad enough, they didn't find out about the insane mistake until SIX MONTHS after the house was built on the Palm Coast.


So, it turns out the Vosses own 18 other residential lots in the same community, but that doesn't make this costly boo-boo any less painful, I'm sure. They reportedly bought the lot for $160,000 two years ago and hired contractors to build a 5,000-square-foot property that they planned to rent out to vacationers.

But their house was mistakenly built on a plot that had already been purchased by a different couple from North Carolina in 2003 -- and the amount they paid was more than double: a whopping $355,000.

Ugh, so you're probably asking yourself what happens now. You're not alone -- Mark and Brenda are apparently waiting for the same answer.

Keystone Homes says the mistake was a simple one made by a land surveyor, but I'm gonna bet that isn't making this couple feel any better. Both lot owners may switch lots or find another fair solution, according to Keystone's vice president.

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It's possible that this couple is so busy with their various properties that they didn't have time to pop in and check on the development of this one. I mean, I guess. But this story kind of proves that homeowners -- whether they own an apartment or 100 mansions -- have to stay vigilant when they hire out. If you aren't there to oversee construction or at least stop by once in a while to check on things, you don't really have a leg to stand on when something goes wrong -- especially if you sign off on it in good faith. Even the best of companies with good intentions can make innocent mistakes that wind up costing big bucks to fix.

What was the worst mistake made by a person or company you hired to work on your home?


Image via Grand Parc, Bordeaux, France/Flickr

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