Home Buyer Demands Sellers' Cat for His Daughter or He Won't Buy House (VIDEO)

A man looking to buy a home offered a couple selling their mansion their asking price -- but he threw in an Indecent Proposal-type caveat. Actually, call it Infeline Proposal. The man said he would ONLY buy the house if the couple's cat came with it. Oh, and he'd throw in an extra $140,000 for the pussy cat.


The couple, who lived in Melbourne, Australia, were selling their home for $2.2 million. So you wouldn't think they'd need another $140,000 -- especially not when it meant giving up their beloved kitty, Tiffany.

But apparently they didn't angst too much about it. Deciding the cat would be "in good hands," they decided to include the cat in the sale of the home.

While Tiffany is certainly a gorgeous cat -- she looks like a long-haired Siamese or Balinese -- it wasn't her looks that drew the buyer to drive such a hard bargain.

Apparently, during the showing of the home, his daughter took a liking to the cat. And what pumpkin wants, pumpkin gets.

What's sad is that the dad could have bought another Siamese cat for $500 or so and donated the rest to animal shelters. But, gee, that would mean little sweetpea wasn't getting what she wanted.

It also would have been a fine time to teach the girl that you can't just walk into someone's home and throw some money around and buy a member of their family. Oh, wait, maybe you can! Wow, what a lesson for this girl.

As for the cat's owners -- would it be hard to turn down $140,000 for their cat? Nope. It wouldn't be hard for me. A pet is a family member and you wouldn't catch me selling my pet any more than selling my mother. Actually, I'd sooner sell my mother. (Ha! Kidding, mom!)

Look, I realize millions of animals are put to death every year, so there's no real sense getting too outraged over a cat that will live in a mansion and probably live a very spoiled life.

But this just seems to say something about how disposable animals are. And it is their disposability that leads to so many being euthanized.

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Hopefully, Tiffany and the little girl will get along, and the girl won't grow bored with her and ask Daddy to get rid of her, because I suspect Daddy will do whatever she asks.

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