Missing Parrot Sparks Creepy Mystery After Vanishing for 4 Years

African grey parrot

If your pet parrot had been missing for four years, you'd probably throw in the towel on hoping that it would ever return. But a wild story out of Torrance, California, proves anything is possible.

It reportedly began when a veterinarian named Teresa Micco, who was searching for her missing African gray parrot named Benjamin, was contacted by the owners of Happy Tails Dog Spa in Torrance, Julissa and Jonathan Sperling, who said they thought they had found Micco's bird at their home.

Julissa tells The Daily Breeze she "heard somebody whistling and saying, 'Hello? Hello?'" But when she opened the door, no one was there. When it happened again, she took a closer look and spied the parrot.   


After taking in the happy, talkative bird, who kept saying, "What happened?" in Spanish and mentioning "Larry," the Sperlings proceeded to look for the bird's owner and thought maybe it was Micco's.

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But when Micco used a scanner to check for a microchip, it turned out the bird wasn't Benjamin. But the bird was chipped, so the group continued to look for the bird's owner. 

After an involved investigation, Micco hunted down Darren Chick, even going so far as to show up at his doorstep to tell him she had his African gray parrot that went missing four years earlier. 

After some initial confusion -- and the parrot even biting Chick when he tried to pick him up -- Chick realized it was his bird, Nigel.

While the bird formerly had a British accent like Chick, he was speaking in Spanish and mentioning the name "Larry." So it seems he made a new friend -- and learned a new language these past few years!

And it's no matter. Now that he's home again, the parrot "doing perfect," Chick reports.

Really, what an amazing reunion -- not to mention an incredible mystery solved. And it just goes to show that a bond between a human and their pet isn't one that's easily broken.

What's the best pet reunion story you've ever heard?


Image via iStock/Nnehring

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