An Evil 'Dog' Terrorized My Family

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I consider myself a religious person who believes there is a spiritual side to our world beyond nature. But I don't believe in ghosts. Once a person dies, they go onward, they do not remain earthbound. Yet this is why I am still left searching for an explanation to a series of strange encounters my family experienced 44 years ago. 


When I was about 9, my family and I moved into a three-bedroom bungalow in Central California. Besides it being small, and my brothers and sisters and me having to share bedrooms, the only really unusual feature of that house was that standing at the front door, you could see all the way through the living room, kitchen, back hall, and out the back door.

Not long after moving in, we began to see glimpses of an elderly man. I still remember him vividly: He had white hair and was always was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Sometimes we'd be in the living room and see a glimpse of him at the back door. Or one of us would be walking down the back hallway and spot him in the living room. It was always just a momentary glimpse. If you looked again, nothing would be there.

One night, it was just Mom and me at home. My brother, John, with whom I shared a bedroom, was away with my grandparents. When it was time for bed, I hugged my mom goodnight and went to my room without bothering to turn on the light. I could hear Duchess, our little black mutt, thumping her tail. When I hopped into bed, I patted the foot of my bed and called to Duchess to come join me. I could hear her nails click on the floor as she walked across the room and felt her weight as she jumped onto the foot of the bed.

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Immediately, though, the weight became unbearably heavy. It was so heavy that my feet were bent backward and downward. It was also extremely hot. I was suddenly very afraid. I shouted at the dog to get off and I sat up to push her with my hands. 

Nothing was there. The weight and heat were immediately gone. I ran out to my mom to discover Duchess had been outside the entire time with our two other dogs. Mom said I must have had a bad dream, but even she admitted that I hadn't been in my room long enough to fall asleep. The whole episode lasted for less than a minute.

Even though the dog never visited me again, the fear from that night stayed with me. I grew to hate that house. I started having a lot of nightmares. We all continued to see the old man quite often, but it was weird -- those visions weren't scary. Still, I did not want to be alone in that house, or my room, again.

Years later, long after we'd all moved out and had kids of our own, we went on a big family camping trip with our parents. It was my mom, my sisters, me, and the kids back at camp -- the guys were out. Somehow we got to talking about that house. I shared how I always hated it and told the story of the dog. That's when my sister, Birdie, started freaking out.

When our sister Deb had moved out, Birdie moved into my room with me and John moved into hers. Birdie explained that once, when I was spending the night at a friend's, the same exact thing happened to her. Something she thought was a dog in the room, walking across the floor, jumping on the bed, and then an immediate sense of heavy weight, extreme heat, and fear.

As we talked, the men returned and we filled them in on our creepy tale. Sure enough, John had the same ghostly encounter when he'd been alone in the room.

Suddenly, we noticed mom and dad giving each other a look. We demanded to know what it was about.

Our parents had rented the house from a man who'd inherited it from his father. His father had been murdered in the house. His dog was killed trying to protect him. They had never said anything to us because they didn't want to frighten us.

I have come to believe that the old man is what is known as a "residual haunting," sort of a loop in time. A common event that happened so often in life that, even after death, it still takes place.

The dog, though, continues to baffle me. Although I believe that animals have souls, I don’t believe they have spirits that travel onward after their bodies die. So the dog must have been something entirely different, not a dog at all. Maybe an evil spirit that became attached to the dog’s body during the murderous act against him and his master. I still don’t really know, but I do know that I have no desire to go back to that house to find out.

Written by CafeMom member Dora Miller (handy0318)

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