Gruesome Halloween Lawn Display Is Making Moms See Red (VIDEO)

jack o'lanterns on lawn

A couple jack-o'-lanterns and cheesecloth "spiderwebs" in the bushes just aren't enough for some Halloween enthusiasts. When it comes to spooky decor, we all have neighbors who want to see just how far they can push the bar. Every year, some of these people even make national headlines for their horrifying lawn displays, and this year is no different ...

A home in the Kingfield neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has tongues clucking about its over-the-top zombie-inspired decor. While there are neighbors who say it's only a "sign of the times" (see: Walking Dead's record-breaking viewership), some parents in the community are understandably concerned about how graphic it is.

Check out the terrifying lawn scene below, and you be the judge.


display halloween minneapolis scaring kids


All right, so it is a bit campy, and yeah, the zombie theme is definitely timely. But I can definitely understand why moms would be questioning just how necessary and appropriate this is for little ones' eyes. I wouldn't want to have to walk by it myself! Let alone worry that it could give my kiddo nightmares. 

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When it comes to going all out like this for Halloween, homeowners are certainly entitled to flex their creative muscles. But at the same time, maybe you should consider who lives in your community (are there lots of families with young children?) and if they're really going to be cool with something so "R-rated."

Enthusiasts like this could set up their display in the back of their house, or even inside as a haunted house, and invite an age-appropriate audience over to check it out. 

But more likely than not, they'll stick with putting all the gruesome right out front. And in that case, hopefully they realize they're not endearing themselves to parents who have every right to be less than thrilled that their children may come home traumatized by blood and guts on the neighbor's lawn.

How would you feel about a display like this in your neighborhood?

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