Mom & Little Girl Ghosts Caught on Camera at Haunted Castle (PHOTO)

ghosts in graveyard

Touring a famed and historic British castle is always a bit spooky. Just the knowledge that years of history passed right where you are standing can be incredibly moving. But for Dean and Amy Harper, of Birmingham, England, it was something more.

The stumbled upon a tragedy. And a ghost to go along with it.

In their photos from their tour of Dudley Castle, they seem to have caught the infamous Grey Lady. She's been roaming the grounds for centuries after a tragedy that leaves no mystery as to why she can't rest.

So just who is this mysterious phantom who appears as a blurry gray figure in the pair's photo? 


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Grey Lady of Dudley Castle

Legend has it that the shadowy lady is actually the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont, who died shortly after childbirth in 1646 during the English Civil War. Sadly, her infant passed away as well.

In her last moments, her final requests were to be buried beside her child and for her husband to attend her funeral. Neither dying wish was honored as the castle was under siege by the Parliamentarians who had destroyed the church where Dorothy's child was buried. Her husband was not allowed to attend her funeral as it was believed he'd been assassinated. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Now it makes sense why she'd haunt this castle, doesn't it?

She's also been known to frequent a pub named in her honor -- the Grey Lady Tavern.

The Harpers, who say they are not ghost hunters, took the photo on their mobile phone from the top of the castle, so it's pretty incredible that Lady Grey's outline is so distinct.

Perhaps she had a reason for showing herself that day or just wanted to give visitors their money's worth with a pre-Halloween fright. 

While I haven't had any "ghostly" experiences myself and often feel a bit skeptical when it comes to paranormal activity, if I took that shot and was familiar with the legend, I'm sure I'd have a sudden and eerie change of heart.

May she rest in peace.

Do you believe in ghosts and have you ever seen one? 

Images via Dudley Zoological Gardens

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