6,000 Spiders Take Over Real Life House of Horrors

brown recluse spider

What began as an exciting move into a gorgeous new home quickly turned into something straight out of a Halloween horror movie for one Missouri family.

Brian and Susan Trost discovered that the home they purchased in 2007 contained some terrifying, uninvited guests -- 6,000 of them to be exact. 

The couple's upscale four-bedroom Weldon Spring home, which they initially viewed as the setting for their "happily ever after," quickly turned into a house of horrors as more and more brown recluse spiders began "bleeding out of the walls," Susan told KMOV.com.

The mom explained that she noticed what seemed like a few pesky but commonplace webs shortly after moving in. But before she knew it, the unwanted squatters, which pack a painful bite, were taking over the entire house. 

Can you even imagine? Moving is stressful enough without any complications. A spider infestation would definitely make me want to pack up and relocate all over again!


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And that's ultimately what the Trosts had to do after visits from exterminators, who sprayed both the interior and exterior of the home and put down countless traps, failed to fix the problem. Because the spiders' feet do not absorb substances, regular pesticides were unable to do the job and the pests continued to breed all the while. 

According to the Daily Mail, experts are not sure why the spiders chose this home over another. Neighbors report being spider-free.

The horror!

In addition to abandoning their new abode, the couple slapped the previous owners with a lawsuit and was awarded $472,000, but only after racking up $100,000 in legal fees and some serious emotional scars. The previous owners said they never saw the spiders and their attorney believes the Trosts may have brought them with them on their furniture. 

A bite from the brown recluse spider, who moves faster than your average creepy-crawler, while rarely deadly, can cause serious health issues, including kidney failure, depending on how much venom is released.

Because of this, the family was forced to always be on guard as the spiders were in the ceilings, fireplace, light fixtures, and even bombarding Susan while she was in the shower. Plus, they had to limit playdates for their children and any entertaining they might have done out of fear of these pests. Ugh, this poor family!

The home, which is set to be fumigated this week, has been vacant for two years. Which makes me wonder: Will the next owner be made aware of the problem? And will this round of toxic gas be enough to kill the spiders and their eggs? 

Doesn't just thinking about it make your skin crawl? Finding one or two daddy longlegs is enough to send me screaming for my husband. (Yes, I'm a big chicken, I'll admit it!) But still, you have to feel for this family and their lengthy ordeal to end what certainly sounds like a nightmare only Hollywood could create. 

Have you ever battled an infestation in your home? 

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