Neiman Marcus Fantasy Christmas Gifts Are Both Shocking & Extravagant (PHOTOS)

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Many of us are perfectly content to enjoy Halloween, a few weeks of plain autumn, and Thanksgiving before being assaulted with holiday shopping deals. But if you want to get a really early start, Neiman Marcus has your back. And if you want to get a really early start and have a lot of dough to drop on gifts this year, you're in even MORE luck!

The department store has released their annual Christmas Book, filled with extravagant finds and "Fantasy Gifts" with jaw-dropping pricetags that range from $55K for some bed sheets to nearly half a million on custom perfume. (The retailer does note that they will donate a portion of the proceeds from each Fantasy Gift purchase to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, which brings enriching art experiences to youth in communities nationwide. So there is that.)

Check out 10 of the most gasp-worthy gifts below, then tell us:


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Which of these would you want presented to you this holiday season? Or would you prefer to spend the big bucks on something else?

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