Man Willing to Trade His Entire House for an iPhone 6

iPhone 6

We all saw the lines wrapping around the block outside Apple stores when the tech giant debuted the latest in its ubiquitous line of smartphones last month.

And, so far, everyone I know who's upgraded to the coveted iPhone 6 adores this new device. But just how far would these phone fanatics go for their beloved gadgets?

Pretty far, apparently. One man is even willing to trade his Detroit home for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6! Say what?

How can a phone that sells for $199 (with a contract) be as valuable as a house, you ask? And how can you get in on this amazing deal? Not so fast! Here's the scoop!


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Before you dash off to your nearest Apple location to start your swap, there are some things you should know. Admittedly, this home has some issues beyond those of your typical "fixer-upper."

In addition to needing a front door, the windows are broken and you'd have to cover $6,000 in back taxes. Yikes.

But if you or your husband are handy, that's still a pretty good deal, right? Why is the owner, who lives in Austria and wishes to remain anonymous, so keen on trading it for a smartpone? (His realtor says he'll also accept a 32GB iPad or even an Android, FYI.) 

It turns out the three-bedroom property is just one of thousands headed for foreclosure, and the owner is hoping to unload it before the market is inundated with similar homes. So far this unique barter arrangement has garnered four offers, according to ABC News.

Unfortunately, none will get the buyer back the $41,000 he paid for the property in 2010, when he was wrongly told he could make a bundle from it as a rental property. What he also didn't know was that the previous owner had purchased the house for $10,500 just two weeks prior!

You can see why this guy is eager to put this whole mess behind him, preferably with a new iPhone in his pocket!  

Restoring a home, while exciting, can cause huge headaches under the best of circumstances. And I don't know about you, but I already have a lengthy to-do list of projects for my current home! While everyone loves a bargain, I think I'm going to pass on this deal. How about you?  

What's the best trade you've ever made?


Images via Worldleaks/Flickr and RealComp

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