10 Spookiest Ghost Photobombs That Will Scare You Silly

Adriana Velez | Oct 21, 2014 Home & Garden
Image: Red James/Corbis

ghost like girls
Red James/Corbis

How do you catch a ghost in the act? Well, if the "evidence" is to be believed, you photograph one accidentally while it's haunting a place ... or that willy ghost photobombs you while you're snapping the shot. Many, many people have tried to capture ghosts on film. But it's funny how many images that appear to be spiritual entities manage to show up in videos and photos unexpectedly.

Ghosts that "sneak" into your photos and videos are way scarier than ghosts you try to chase down with your camera. Don't you think?

Suspect they're all optical illusions ... or, God forbid, hoaxes? Here are 10 eerie "ghost photobombs" so freaky they just might change your mind!

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