The Real Reason Moms DO Love When Men Watch Sports

family watching sports

Don't you just hate that stereotype that says women don't enjoy watching sports? Men's Health magazine has come under fire (and rightly so) for publishing a condescending piece titled "How to Talk About Sports With Women."

The feature, which didn't score a touchdown with fans, began with this hopeless Hail Mary of an opener:

Not all women share your passion for sports, in case you hadn’t noticed. The reason? They need story lines.

Yikes. The article has been deleted and the misogynist mag has apologized, noting the piece "missed the mark." You think?

That said, I'll admit it: I don't like watching sports. I do, however, love watching them if my children or their friends are playing. But following the careers of grown men I don't know who are getting paid more per game than I'll earn in a lifetime? No thanks!

While I certainly don't enjoy spending an afternoon glued to my sofa in front of the flat screen, I love it when my family does. Let me tell you why.


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You think I'm going to go into the benefits of male bonding and father-son quality time, right? Well, you're wrong. My motives are as self-serving as any schoolyard ball hog's. You see, while they're all parked in front of the big game, I can easily slip out the door. Have you ever gone to the mall on Super Bowl Sunday, sisters? It's empty! 

While my husband and sons are discussing the record of a man in extremely tight pants, I'm grabbing my purse and sneaking away to find some new threads of my own! And while I'm gone, I have peace of mind knowing exactly where everyone will be when I return. 

They'll be seated in front of the television, fixated, of course. No one is asking to be driven to someone else's house. Nor will they be wrestling over the remote. In fact, sports is the one "show" they can all agree on. 

Another thing I love about this scenario is that I have the whole kitchen to myself while they're watching. I can whip up any new recipe and serve it to them, and they're so distracted, they'll try it! Spinach and artichoke dip? "This is great, Mom. Got any more?" Meanwhile, if I tried to present that to them at dinnertime, they'd be threatening to call Child Protective Services. 

Speaking of calls, I can also use the phone in peace! Aside from the occasional cheering and jeering from my little fans, it's pin-drop silent! So quiet that my mom has more than once asked, "Where is everyone??" when I've called during a big game. 

Sure, sometimes they'll call me in to watch a replay, or they'll ask me to sit down with them. And I do, but only to appease them momentarily before I run off to read a good book. Unfortunately, athletics have never really appealed to me. 

In fact, I'd go so far as to say I have "sports amnesia," and by that I mean that from season to season, I forget nearly all the rules to each and every game. But I'm thrilled when the game is on. As long as I don't have to watch it! 

Do you enjoy watching sports?

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