20 Fabulous TV Homes We Wish We Could Live In (PHOTOS)

Friends apartment

Have you ever been watching a favorite TV show and all of a sudden found yourself fantasizing about what it would be like to live inside the house featured in it?

I know I have. In fact, for me, it began decades ago sitting in front of The Brady Bunch. Seriously, wouldn't that have been the ultimate hide-and-seek house?

Or how about the view from The Jeffersons deluxe apartment in the sky? I was ready to move on up!

But the homes of fictional families of our youth were modest by comparison to the ones we see on-screen today. From spacious apartments like Monica Geller's Manhattan pad (pictured above) in Friends to well-appointed, old-fashioned gems like the one where Lorelai and Rory traded speedy quips in The Gilmore Girls, there are plenty of places that look pretty appealing. 

While we're playing pretend, let's house-hunt through some of Hollywood's hottest fictional properties!


#3 and #20 make us green with envy! Check out our slideshow and then tell us: Which TV home would you most like to call your own?  

Image via meteorstrikegraphics.com

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