20 Fabulous TV Homes We Wish We Could Live In (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Oct 14, 2014 Home & Garden
20 Fabulous TV Homes We Wish We Could Live In (PHOTOS)

Friends apartment

Have you ever been watching a favorite TV show and all of a sudden found yourself fantasizing about what it would be like to live inside the house featured in it?

I know I have. In fact, for me, it began decades ago sitting in front of The Brady Bunch. Seriously, wouldn't that have been the ultimate hide-and-seek house?

Or how about the view from The Jeffersons deluxe apartment in the sky? I was ready to move on up!

But the homes of fictional families of our youth were modest by comparison to the ones we see on-screen today. From spacious apartments like Monica Geller's Manhattan pad (pictured above) in Friends to well-appointed, old-fashioned gems like the one where Lorelai and Rory traded speedy quips in The Gilmore Girls, there are plenty of places that look pretty appealing. 

While we're playing pretend, let's house-hunt through some of Hollywood's hottest fictional properties!

#3 and #20 make us green with envy! Check out our slideshow and then tell us: Which TV home would you most like to call your own?  

Image via meteorstrikegraphics.com

  • 'Sex and the City': Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment


    Image via YouTube

    Sex and the City's love & sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw had a New York City apartment any single gal would covet. But while viewers believed her perfect pad was on the city's Upper East Side, in reality, the charming building used for the exterior shots can be found downtown, on Perry Street in the West Village. 

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  • 'Parenthood': The Bravermans' House


    Image via NBC.com

    Fans of NBC's Parenthood may be sad to see the series end this season. Not only will they miss the show's interesting characters and clever dialogue, but also the gorgeous Berkeley, California, homesteads belonging to the Braverman family.

    From Adam and Kristina's Craftsman to Julia and Joel's modern masterpiece, it's hard not to want to be a part of the family. Of course, my fave is Zeek and Camille's fabulous compound. The exposed beams give it extra charm -- as if it needed it! Don't you love when the family dines outdoors under strands of lights?

  • 'The Good Wife': Alicia Florrick's Kitchen


    Image via HookedonHouses.net

    The Good Wife has a great kitchen. Though powerful attorney Alicia Florrick probably has very little time to whip up a home-cooked meal, it would be nice to have all that counter space, especially in a Chicago apartment! Set decorator Beth Kushnick can come fix up my house any time!

  • 'The Brady Bunch': The Brady House


    Image via YouTube

    The Brady Bunch family home has so many interesting spots. From Mike Brady's office to Alice's wing, this home could easily house a family of eight or more. And don't forget the attic hideaway Marcia and Greg battled to inhabit -- so groovy!

    The iconic house, located at 11222 Dilling Street, North Hollywood, California, is much smaller than TV fans realize. It was placed on the market in 2008 for $2 million but was removed before it was sold. 

  • 'Frasier': Dr. Frasier Crane's Apartment


    Image via reddit.com

    I'd love to live in Dr. Frasier Crane's Seattle apartment -- even with his dad's infamous recliner. The La-Z-Boy aside, that was a stunning set and one which cost a half-million dollars to build in 1993, according to SouthgateResidential.blogspot.com.

  • 'Modern Family': Lily's Nursery


    Image via HookedonHouses.net

    Modern Family's Lily Tucker-Pritchett is one lucky little lady. How darling is this nursery in the house in suburban LA? The mural above the crib gets us every time! But what really caught on with fans was the Cherry Blossom Birdies wall art collection. How sweet!

  • 'The Cosby Show': Cosby Family Brownstone


    Image via PeterGuthrie/Flickr

    It was hard not to fall in love with The Cosby Show and its welcoming brownstone. The sitcom ran for eight seasons and was filmed in Brooklyn. But ... the facade of the family's home is actually in New York City's Greenwich Village. Next time you're on Leroy Street, check out #10. 

    Remember when the whole Cosby crew would roll up the rugs and dance in the living room? Or how about that fireplace in the kitchen? This home oozed charm and style. 

  • 'Gossip Girl': Blair Waldorf's Foyer


    Image via HookedonHouses.net

    Who wouldn't want to live in a posh New York City home straight out of Gossip Girl? The real-life version of this home, located at 1136 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, was on the market this spring for $30 million. While the facade is the same, the interior scenes are shot elsewhere.  

  • 'The Gilmore Girls': Lorelai Gilmore's Front Porch


    Image via HookedonHouses.net

    I'd move to Stars Hollow if I could have a sprawling wrap-around porch like Lorelai's on The Gilmore Girls. Wouldn't it be lovely to sip iced tea in this serene setting? (Minus all that fast talking, of course.)

    While the name of the town is fictional, the creators, Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel, based Stars Hollow on a real place called Washington Depot, Connecticut, nestled between Danbury and Woodbury.

  • 'The Addams Family': The Addams Family Mansion


    Image via HookedonHouses.net

    While some fans say Addams Family creator Charles Addams patterned this Victorian mansion after the ones he was surrounded by in his hometown of Westfield, New Jersey, others argue that it's based on the Administration Building at his alma mater, Colgate University.

    Either way, who wouldn't want to live in a house that's a little mysterious and spooky, especially at this time of year? 

  • 'Friends': Monica's Apartment


    Image via HookedonHouses.net

    Is there any woman out there who didn't covet Monica Geller's apartment in Friends? An open layout in Manhattan, of all places, and look at all that space! 

    In the show, the apartment, located at 90 Bedford Street in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, was rent-controlled. Today, something similar would go for $4,200 to $5,500 per month, according to Suitey.com.

    Here's a little secret, shared by Julia of HookedonHouses: The poster behind the television hides a hole in the wall which cameras often filmed through. Pretty clever, huh?

  • 'Happy Days': The Cunningham Family's Home


    Image via OnLocationinLosAngeles/Flickr

    While the home where Marion, Howard, Richie, and Joanie lived was in Milwaukee, the real-life version of their abode was actually in Los Angeles -- 565 North Cahuenga Boulevard to be exact. 

    The home even boasts a pool out back. Fonzie and I give that the thumbs-up!

  • 'Bewitched': Samantha & Darrin Stephens' Living Room


    Image via HookedonHouses.net

    Imagine being able to twinkle your nose and rearrange all your furniture? It might look a bit (OK, a lot) dated, but it's still fun to check out this retro yet 'Bewitch'ing living room where Sam hosted cocktails and hors d'oeuvres for her husband's fellow advertising execs. 

    While the Stephens were supposed to be living in Connecticut, the house is now at the Warner Brothers Ranch, where it shares the neighborhood with Gidget's and The Partridge Family's former abodes.

  • '90210' Beach House


    Image via VRBO.com

    Remember when Kelly, Donna, and David shared this awesome beach house? The blue awnings are so summery and fun. And just picture the great ocean views! You can stay in this stunning two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in California's Manhattan Beach for $600 per night, according to TripAdvisor.com.

  • 'Diff'rent Strokes': Drummond Penthouse


    Image via moviemet.com

    I wouldn't mind being adopted by Phil Drummond if I had a chance to live in this Park Avenue penthouse in New York City! That marble staircase and the terrace overlooking Manhattan would make anyone swoon! 

    The building's exterior, shown during the first season, is located at Park Avenue and 79th Street on the city's Upper East Side.

  • 'Melrose Place': Apartments


    Remember all those airy apartments surrounding that tempting pool? Sure, the complex was rife with drama, but it sure looked like it would be fun to live at Melrose Place, didn't it? 

    The outside shots of the complex are actually of the El Pueblo Apartments, located at 4616 Greenwood Place in Los Feliz, California, but that great pool and interior courtyard scenes were all shot on a soundstage. 

  • 'Little House on the Prairie': The Ingalls Family Home


    Image via PrairieFans.com

    Stepping back in time to a simpler setting like the prairie would definitely be an interesting change of pace for today's modern families! While fans of the long-running series can visit a re-creation of the Ingalls family cabin in Independence, Kansas, the show was filmed in Simi Valley, California. 

  • 'Scandal': Olivia Pope's Living Room


    Image via HookedonHouses.net

    How lovely is Olivia Pope's living room? But does the fixer of all political woes on ABC's Scandal ever have a chance to put her feet up and relax? Doubtful, but we'd sure like to give it a go!

  • 'Seinfeld': Jerry Seinfeld's Apartment


    Image via NBCNews.com

    Jerry Seinfeld's bachelor pad was well-situated at 129 West 81st Street in Manhattan. Fans of the show probably know that while his apartment was 5A, several discrepancies occurred throughout the series.

    Once the comedian's apartment number read "411" just outside his door while in another episode it's referenced as 3A. But the real exterior of his building is really located at 757 New Hampshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. Who knew? 

  • 'Downton Abbey': The Grantham Estate


    No TV home roundup would be complete without the spectacular Downton Abbey, the fictional home of Lord & Lady Grantham, set in Yorkshire, England. Nestled on more than 1,000 acres (that's larger than Manhattan's Central Park!), Highclere Castle, where the engrossing drama is filmed, boasts 50 bedrooms. Can you imagine? Having your own staff, even a scheming and conniving one, certainly seems intriguing as well. 

    The castle is open for tours as well as private events, including weddings. Just hope for a better outcome than Lady Mary or Lady Sybil! 

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