Tenants Leave Behind Some Seriously Terrifying Objects After Moving Out

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Whenever I've moved out of an apartment, my concerns have been focused on making sure I clean the fridge and dust those nasty cobwebs out of the corners. 

Not only did I want to get my security deposit back, but also I didn't want to appear slovenly in front of my landlords. Well, apparently, a less-than-spotless icebox is the least of what some tenants are leaving behind when they move.

Believe it or not, a survey of landlords, taken by South African credit bureau TPN, revealed that popular items commonly cast off by former tenants include sex toys and nude selfies.

Say what? 


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I suppose some people feel like they're embarking on a new adventure and will either start fresh or replace those items. Or maybe they don't want movers to find these curious keepsakes should a box fall and its contents go spilling onto a sidewalk. And how about if your mother-in-law offers to help unpack? Maybe it's best to discard those trinkets rather than have her make a heart-attack-inducing discovery while she's arranging your night stand in your new digs. 

Still, wait 'til you see what else made the list of abandoned belongings! Yeesh! 

Here are the 6 strangest things left behind by tenants:

1. Vibrators and "intimate" toys.

2. A squatting spouse ... (definitely weird, right?).

3. Whole rooms devoted to sex, decorated with whips and chains.

4. Selfies ... of the naked variety.

5. Pets -- heartbreaking and hard to believe, but true. Dogs, cats, and bunnies were reportedly the most common furry family members to not make it onto the moving van.

6. Lastly: Voodoo objects, including monkey heads in jars and a decapitated parakeet.

Reading this list almost makes you glad you don't have a spare property to rent, doesn't it? 

What's the strangest thing you've either left behind or found in an apartment?

Image © Daniel Grill/Tetra Images/Corbis

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