14 Moms Share What Their Weekly Grocery Bills Really Look Like

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Buying groceries to feed an average-sized family is no easy feat for any mom. So many factors can make or break the budget -- from where you shop to what you're buying and what your kids like in their lunch boxes and at the dinner table. Where you live also plays a big part in how much you're spending every week.

That's why we asked 14 moms, who live in all different parts of the country and have families both big and small, to give us the lowdown on their weekly grocery bills. What they revealed will easily shock and impress you.


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1. "We average $60-$80 a week -- not including beef or chicken, because I buy a whole beef once a year from a local farmer, and we raise our own meat chickens. I get everything we can at a local bulk food store, a local chemical-free produce market, and sometimes [big box stores]. I make dinner from scratch six nights a week, take & bake pizza on Saturdays. I cook using whole foods for the most part and very few processed foods. We rarely eat out." -Rhonda C., mom of five, Lake City, MI

2. "I do a large grocery shopping about two times per month, $400 each time. I also spend $50 a week on things like, milk, eggs, bread, and cereal. On average, it would be $250 per week. I cook every night, use a Crock-Pot once a week. Leftovers are used the next day for lunch for my husband and me." -Christa Y., mom of five, Long Island, NY

3. "I spend about $200 on groceries each week (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less) at local grocery stores and farmers' markets. Generally speaking, we cook every night and leftovers are used for lunches. We might eat out one meal a week at most, but I wouldn't say that happens every week. We're pretty budget-conscious over here!" -Kelly K., mom of two, Los Angeles, CA

4. "We spend about $50 a week at local chain and big box stores on baby food, fresh meats, pasta, and snack foods. I make meals two to three times a week. Other nights are eating out or eating at one of our parents' homes. Made my own baby food for a while, and now my son kind of eats what we are eating, just in smaller pieces ... so that's helpful!" -Stephanie T., mom of one, Stoughton, MA

5. "I'd estimate the past few months that we spend about $125 per week on average. I get fresh produce from a co-op every other week, go to a corner produce stand in the summer, pick up bulk meat every few months from a local farmer, and shop at a national chain store. I do strategic cooking! For example, if I have one pound of hamburger, I saute it with an onion, then I roughly divide it. With half, I make dinner for that night (like tacos) and with the other I put aside to make something else that same week (like spaghetti sauce, or chili). It saves time and money. Also, at least one night a week, we go meat-free and have a hearty salad, veggie burgers, or some such." -Lorraine S., mom of two, Lincoln, NE

6. "$400. Yep, a bit ridiculous, but I do organic and try for mostly unprocessed! Lots of milk, eggs, oatmeal, and fruit for my three kids under 4. I don't really use packaged products. Cut-up fruit and yogurt is a typical snack. I cook five to six nights per week. With three kids at home during the day, I am also making breakfast, lunch, and two snacks a day." -Laura R., mom of three, San Marino, CA

7. "About $150 a week for our family. This includes household goods (paper products, cleaning stuff, etc.), as well as food (mostly dinner items and items for the kids' lunches) and supplies for two cats and one dog. We cook nightly, as none of us really care for leftovers. We do usually eat out a couple times a week." -Laura V., mom of three, Plano, TX 

8. "$225-$250 a week for fresh fruit, lettuce, cucumbers, fish, organic milk, cheese, frozen berries, yogurt, ice cream, soda. I do things like make a giant pot of beans and then use throughout the week. Or I make a big batch of spaghetti sauce, and use that for pasta, meatball subs, dipping breadsticks, pizza, etc. I find it easier to cook 12 chicken breasts at once, use three for dinner that night, and then, the rest get put in lunches on sandwiches, a grilled chicken salad, or diced for jambalaya." -Tanya, mom of one, Columbia, MO

9. "We spend $410 a week on fresh produce, snacks, pre-made ingredients for meals from a meal delivery service, a national grocery chain, and farmers' markets. We eat in five nights a week, and the rest is take-out." -Sasha W., mom of three, North NJ

10. "$60-$80 on produce, rice, veggie broth, beans, cheese, soy or almond milk, tortilla chips, yogurt, flour, and toiletries. I cook dinner at least four to five nights a week, and we use leftovers for lunches or my work dinners. I plan very strictly. I only buy what is needed for that weeks meals and snacks. I make most all of my cookies or desserts from scratch." -Kylie M., mom of one, Columbus, OH

11. "$175 a week at a national chain and local grocery on fresh and frozen fruit/vegetables, meats, poultry, seafoods, dairy, and beverages. I make breakfast and dinner five days a week, [but] I do not cook on Friday or Saturday (we eat leftovers, takeout, or go out to eat). I try to cook from scratch as often as possible." -Theresa A., mom of six, Philadelphia, PA

12. I spend, on average, $250 weekly on groceries and toiletries. We shop primarily, weekly, at a local grocery store, and twice monthly or so at a big box store. We buy a very large amount of fresh meats and fresh produce. We're also very fond of pasta! I tend to cook dinner about 5 nights a week, with one or two nights for leftovers, and once a week or so for take out. We keep a nice stock of snacks as well, and I enjoy baking." -Aimee M., mom of three, Upstate SC

13. "$150 a week at a big box store, a national chain grocery, local produce stands/farmers' markets, and commissary on fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread, rice, yogurt, coconut or almond milk, cereal/oatmeal -- and normally, top it off with a treat (ice cream, stuff to bake a dessert, etc.) I normally cook every night, and we use the leftovers for lunch the next day. I've found that if we buy more quality food at the store, we eat out less. We're more likely to want to eat at home. That ends up being better for our health and our wallets." -Hailey H., mom of one, Seattle, WA

14. "$115 per week at big box and local grocery stores, which includes toiletries, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies. I make out a menu for two weeks -- usually four to five meals, one eat-out meal per week, and one to two leftover meals." -Julie R., mom of three, Covington, VA

Clearly, moms' grocery expenses run the gamut across the country! But no matter where they live, they all seem to have at least one thing in common: the ability to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to feeding their families.

What do you spend on average at the grocery store?

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