10 Halloween Party Games Beyond Bobbing for Apples

10 Halloween Party Games Beyond Bobbing for Apples
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No matter if one is throwing a Halloween party for kids, adults, or both, the festivities wouldn't be complete without at least a few pre-planned activities to help give a party some structure. Of course, we all think of bobbing for apples as the ultimate traditional Halloween party game, but there are plenty more colorful, less typical options that will be fun for kids, adults, or both groups together! These party game ideas are sure to help every guest mix and mingle. 

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"Every Halloween, people pick a different costume," says Courtney Lutkus, event planner and owner of Simply Radiant Events in Southern California. "Why would people want to have the same games every year, too?" This makes sense to us! It's good to keep an annual party fresh and exciting for returning guests. And we found everything from easy, fun activities for youngsters to games that include "adult beverages" (i.e., not for kids) that will make party planning much easier. 

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To keep things equally spooky and fresh, consider any combination of these Halloween party games! They are guaranteed to impress any Halloween-loving guest. 

And let us know -- which Halloween party game is the best of all?

  • Pop Goes the Pumpkin


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    Party-goers who are over 6 will get a real "bang" out of this carnival-esque game. "Attach orange balloons to a tackboard shaped like a pumpkin," advises Lutkus. "You can place an activity (written on a piece of paper) or a prize inside each balloon. When someone pops a balloon, they win the surprise inside."

  • Witches' Ring Toss


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    Particularly geared for kids, this game involves placing small witch hats on the floor and competing by tossing rings over them. "Make each hat a different color or put a marker on it to indicate different point values," advises Lutkus. 

  • Black Cat Got Your Tongue?


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    An ongoing game that can work over the whole course of any party, the goal is to catch others saying "forbidden" words, which could be linked to your theme, general Halloween words, or slang. Everyone starts out with a supply of candy -- or tickets if you're afraid they'll just eat the candy! When one guest catches another saying the forbidden word, they take a piece of candy or ticket from them and put it in their own bag. Whoever has the most by the end of the night wins a prize.

  • Candy Corn Cornhole


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    "Cornhole is very popular, even popping up at wedding receptions these days!" notes Lutkus. But to give the trendy bag-tossing game a sweet, Halloween-themed twist, you can turn it into "Candy Corn Cornhole," she says. You can either make the platform shaped like a candy corn and have each color be a different hole slot and/or you can use bags that look like candy corn.

  • Interactive Scary Storytelling


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    Whether or not you have a bonfire out back to sit around, taking turns telling scary stories can be a spine-chillingly fun activity for any Halloween party. You can make it interactive by incorporating bowls of "gruesome" body parts -- or rather foods that feel like 'em!

    "Read a descriptive story about a person or ghost in a dark room," recommends Lutkus. "Have everyone pass around bowls full of food. When the story reads 'feel my brains,' pass around a bowl of cooked pasta. Other food suggestions: Peeled grapes for eyeballs, small sausages for fingers and toes, a large peeled tomato as a heart, and halved, non-salted peanuts for teeth!"

  • Shot in the Dark


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    A drinking game for grown-ups, of course, this one entails playing a scary film in the background or a separate room. Lay the ground rules ahead of time, like whenever someone gets killed, runs up the stairs, screams, etc., everyone has to take a drink or shot. (You'll do well to watch the movie ahead of time, so you know just how many times -- or if at all! -- each action occurs!)

  • Monster Mash Dance Contest


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    Think Dancing With the Stars meets a good, old-fashioned dance party! All you need is a Halloween-themed playlist and two dance judges. You can set up the contest into "rounds" and have the judges eliminate a few people each time until a winner (or winners, if you want to go with couples) is declared.

  • Who Am I?


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    "Have guests put a card on their forehead that says a name of a character from a horror film," says Lutkus. You can do this as they arrive to the party or later on. "Then, they ask 'yes' or 'no' questions of other guests to figure out who they are," she explains. Once everyone guesses his or her “identity,” the game is over.

  • Liq-or-Treat


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    Who says adults are too old to trick-or-treat? Another drinking game you can play with the over-21 set: Set up each room at the party with a unique Halloween-y cocktail. Then, guests can go from room to room "trick-or-treating" for the various drinks.

  • Mummy Wrap


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    You've probably heard of this one done before at children's parties. (A variation has also been done at wedding showers to create "wedding dresses" out of toilet paper!) But it can also be good Halloween fun for guests both young and old.

    Split guests up into teams and give each a roll of TP. One person spins around the other to morph them into a mummy. Add those cocktail-themed, adult games to the mix, and all that spinning could make for a lot of silliness!

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