10 Halloween Party Games Beyond Bobbing for Apples


No matter if one is throwing a Halloween party for kids, adults, or both, the festivities wouldn't be complete without at least a few pre-planned activities to help give a party some structure. Of course, we all think of bobbing for apples as the ultimate traditional Halloween party game, but there are plenty more colorful, less typical options that will be fun for kids, adults, or both groups together! These party game ideas are sure to help every guest mix and mingle. 


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"Every Halloween, people pick a different costume," says Courtney Lutkus, event planner and owner of Simply Radiant Events in Southern California. "Why would people want to have the same games every year, too?" This makes sense to us! It's good to keep an annual party fresh and exciting for returning guests. And we found everything from easy, fun activities for youngsters to games that include "adult beverages" (i.e., not for kids) that will make party planning much easier. 

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To keep things equally spooky and fresh, consider any combination of these Halloween party games! They are guaranteed to impress any Halloween-loving guest. 

And let us know -- which Halloween party game is the best of all?

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