What Your Grocery Cart Says About You

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If it's true that you are what you eat, what does that say about your grocery cart? Do its contents say anything about who you are? We think it might! We took a look at a few different grocery carts and guessed what kind of people they might belong to. Who knows, one of these baskets might actually resemble yours!


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  • You're a Health Food Junkie


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    Whoa, all those veggies, the fruit, the lemons: No doubt about it. You're heavy into juicing. You probably make your own bread and yogurt. The only thing left on your list at this point is coconut oil because of course. And it goes without saying that everything here is organic.

  • You're a Junk Food Junkie


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    Produce aisle? What's that? Oh look, marshmallows!

  • You're a Type-A Mom


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    You're a type-A mom with no time to waste. You've got your list ready, the store mapped out, and exactly 10 minutes to buy a week's worth of groceries before you return home, put it away neatly, and leave again to run the PTA meeting (you're the president!). On your mark, get set, GO!

  • You're a New Mommy


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    We can tell from the adorable cherub in your cart -- you're a new mom. Awww!

  • You're a Social Mom


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    With a smartphone or tablet always dangling over your cart, you're not really into this whole "grocery shopping" thing. Not unless you can bring your friends along, anyway. And if no one can join you, that's what text messaging and Facebook are for! How else are you supposed to remember which yogurt is the one that helps you poop?

  • You're Confused


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    Okay, here's how this shopping thing works. First you need to take the dog out of the basket. Then you can fill it with food to buy.

  • You're a Shopaholic


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    "I'm just running in for a few things," you always say. Two hundred dollars later ...

  • You're Gwyneth Paltrow


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    You use the hand-woven basket you picked up in Aix-en-Provence because it's perfect and because ew, who would put their FOOD inside a cart thousands of strangers have already touched?!? Next stop: The fishmonger's!

  • You're a Tippler


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    You consider wine food because it's basically juice, right? From GRAPES. And grapes are good for you. You NEED the resveratrol and antioxidants.

  • You're a Kid


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    You are obviously a kid. Now take your little brother out of the cart and bring it back to your mom. NOW.

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