10 Scariest Halloween Stock Photos We've Ever Seen

10 Scariest Halloween Stock Photos We've Ever Seen

scary Halloween photosThere is nothing like a good scare on Halloween. Some people get into the cozy and cute stuff -- adorable little pumpkins, stuffed baby monsters, and fluffy, cute black cats. But not me. Give me terrifying ghouls, ghosts, and goblins in all shapes and sizes!

I am a sucker for all the horror movies that come out every October and could spend hours reading scary books that send chills up the spine late into the night.

So when I came across iStock's incredible selection of truly creepy and nightmare-inducing imagery, I had to check it out. Spooky!

Here are 10 of the scariest Halloween stock photos and the stories to go with them. Check them out below and then tell us:

Do you like your Halloween creepy, funny, or cute?


Image © iStock.com/kparis

  • Skeleton Mom & Girl


    Image © iStock.com/jessicaphoto

    If you look at only the bottom half of the photo, it's like one of those sweet portraits of mother and child from 1890. And yet ... AND YET. Scroll your eyes up a bit higher and feast on the horror. That mom looks so ... DEAD. And I'm not sleeping tonight ...

  • Child in Danger


    Image © iStock.com/EyeJoy

    NOTHING is more terrifying than a child in danger. This little girl is covering her eyes while creepy hands reach toward her. Is it her imagination or something real? Any mother would cringe at this photo.

  • Girl in Bathtub


     Image © iStock.com/Elisanth_

    If you have seen The Shining, then you know how scary this scene is. In it, a woman crawls out of the bathtub looking lovely. But she's actually a decaying corpse.

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  • Shadowy Intruder


     Image © istock.com/stocksnapper

    For any woman who spends time alone, nothing is scarier than the idea that someone might be lurking outside watching us or, God forbid, that a stranger would try to break into the house while we're sleeping. This image captures those fears perfectly. The horror!

  • Dirty Bathroom Demon


     Image © iStock.com/ltus

    If the dirty bathroom isn't sufficiently terrifying, the girl wielding the ax should do the trick. Halloween, here ye come!

  • Mouthless Lady


    Image © iStock.com/Duncan1890

    Is there anything more horrifying than an old photo? Well, I see your ghostly antique photo and raise you a missing mouth. Hold me.

  • Hands in Face


    Image © iStock.com/claudio.arnese


    This gives new meaning to putting one's face in one's hands. Is this a ghost or a real person? It's hard to say.

  • Girl at the Door


    Image © iStock.com/Itus

    Knock, knock. Who's home? It doesn't matter. She's coming in whether you're there or not ... she's hungry, after all. Run!

  • Creepy Mine Shaft


    Image © iStock.com/TomasSereda

    Something about this photo gives you chills, doesn't it? You can just imagine the clanking of mining tools, the deep voices of the miners, and the sounds of the coal carts riding the rails. Ghosts? They are everywhere. It's obvious.

  • Lonely Bench


     Image © iStock.com/Mike_Kiev

    There is something so eerie about this bench in the dark. Is this the end of the world? Are you all alone? Or is there someone else out there, watching, through the mist?


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